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Complete, including SUPPLEMENT, in 30 parts, 2s. 6d. each; or 2 large vols., 2876 pages, imperial 8vo, cloth, 4.

The Imperial Dictionary,


On the basis of Webster's English Dictionary, with the addition of many Thousand Words and Phrases, inch ing the most generally used Technical and Scientific Terms, together with their Etymology and their Pronunci tion. Also, a SUPPLEMENT, containing an extensive collection of Words, Terms, and Phrases, not included previous English Dictionaries. By JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D. The whole illustrated by above 2500 Engravings i Wood. The SUPPLEMENT separately, 1 vol. cloth, 16s.; or in 6 Parts, 2s. 6d. each. This Work furnishes a much more extensive vocabulary than any Dictionary that has" hitherto appeared.

"Dr. Ogilvie has not only produced the best English Dictionary that exists, but, so far as the actual state of knowledge p mitted, has made some approach towards perfection." British Quarterly Review.

" Copious beyond all precedent in the staple of ordinary language, it is enriched with a mass of terse and comprehensi information under the heads of technical and scientific words information which has become absolutely necessary for the genei reader, in an age when the facts and language of Science are invading the sphere of common life at all points. . . '. An immei abundance of exquisite little cuts are introduced, scarcely any occasion being allowed to escape, where the definition can be ma to appeal to the eye, as well as to the intellect. These volumes have, indeed, so many attractions, that, after having enjoyed th use for for some time, we begin to look upon them as a possitive necessity." Manchester Examiner and Times.

Complete in 36 parts, imperial 4to, 2*. 6d. each ; or strongly bound in half-morocco, gilt edges, 5, 5*.

The Imperial Atlas


A Series of ONE HUNDRED carefully coloured Maps, embracing the most recent Discoveries, and the late Political Divisions of Territory in all parts of the World. Compiled from the most authentic sources, under t supervision of W. G. BLACKIE, PH.D., F.B.G.S., Editor of the Imperial Gazetteer. With an INDEX, coutainL References to nearly 120,000 Places.

In fulness and accuracy of information, largeness of scale, and clearness of engraving, this Atlas will compare favourably with t most costly works of the kind extant. It is portable, and can be consulted with ease, being an imperial 4to, measuring wh closed 15 inches by 11 inches. The Maps are printed on paper measuring 22 inches by 15, and carefully coloured. The Ser extends to Seventy-eight such Sheets, comprising above One Hundred different Maps.

"After a careful perusal of the whole work, we can safely say that we know of no Atlas, published at the same low pri which is so copious and accurate in detail, so clearly printed, and so well engraved; that no maps have been hitherto construct on scales so carefully adapted to the relative importance of countries, as viewed from the stand-point of English merchant* a general readers." London Review.

Complete in 33 parts, Is. <jd. each ; or 2 large vols., 2670 pages, imperial 8vo, cloth, 4, 6*.

The Imperial Gazetteer;

PHYSICAL, POLITICAL, STATISTICAL, and DESCRIPTIVE; including comprehensive Accounts of t Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages, Seas, Lakes, Rivers, Islands, Mountains, Valleys, &c., in the World. Edit by W. G. BLACKIE, PH.D., P.B.G.S. Illustrated by nearly 750 Engravings, printed in the text comprisi Views, Costumes, Maps, Plans, &c.

"This excellent book of reference All the articles we have examined, whether long or short, exhibit a grea

degree of correctness in minute detail than we should have thought practicable in so comprehensive a work." Athenceum.

" The value of the work is very much increased by the introduction of a large number of good woodcuts, including many mr of towns, harbours, and districts; sketches of remarkable places; figures illustrative of customs, races, &c." Examiner,

Complete in 14 parts, super-royal 8vo, 2s. each. NEW ENGLISH PRONOUNCING DICTIONARY.

The Comprehensive English Dictionary,

EXPLANATORY, PRONOUNCING, and ETYMOLOGICAL. By JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D., Editor of 1 Imperial Dictionary. The Pronunciation adapted to the best modern usage, by RICHAKD CULL, F.S.A. Ill trated by above 800 Engravings on Wood, and a series of Engraved Plates.

This Dictionary contains all English words in present use, numerous phrases, many foreign words used by English writers, i the more important Technical and Scientific Terms. It is based on Webster, the Imperial Dictionary, and other authorities.

"Henceforth, if anybody shall ask us, 'Which is the best Dictionary?' our answer will be prompt aud unequivocal, ! COMPREHENSIVE." Sunday Times.

" It only remains for us to say, without any reserve, that this is unquestionably the best Dictionary of the English language ; its size and scope, that has yet appeared, and thoroughly deserves to become the standard family and school-room book through < the kingdom, aud the ever-at-haud companion of the desk and library table." Nonconformist.