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New and Revised Edition, in 63 parts, 2*. each ; or 14 divisions, super-royal 8vo, cloth, 10*. each.

The Popular Encyclopedia;


ig a general Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, Biography, History, and Politics; with Preliminary sertations by distinguished Writers. Numerous illustrative Engravings. New and Revised Edition.

'he POPULAR ENCYCLOPEDIA has been before the public for many years past, and has met with a large measure of acceptance, alterations and corrections made for the present edition upon a vast number of the articles, and the additional articles ted, render the Work a satisfactory exponent of the state of knowledge in the present day. The articles on Botany, Chemistry, (3eology, have been wholly re-written, and the scientific articles generally have been carefully revised ; while those on Geo- iiy, Topography, History, Theology, and Biography have been subjected to a rigid examination. An entirely new SUPPLEMENT een added, containing additional biographies, notices of localities newly discovered, or that have risen recently into importance rabstances and processes new in science and the arts of the great events of the world during the last twenty years and other cts of general interest, 'he Illustrations extend to 154 pages of Steel Engravings, and 14 Coloured Slaps, besides many Engravings on Wood.

The SUPPLEMENT alone, in 7 Parts, 2s. each; or 1 Vol. cloth, 16s.

Complete in 36 parts, 2*. each. ; or 4 vols. super-royal 8vo, cloth, 4.

The Comprehensive History of England,

IL and MILITARY, RELIGIOUS, INTELLECTUAL, and SOCIAL : from the Earliest Period to the iression of the Sepoy Revolt. By CHARLES MACFABLANE and the Rev. THOMAS THOMSON. Illustrated

ibove Eleven Hundred Engravings on Wood and Steel Views, Costumes, Portraits, Haps, Plans, &c. &c.

By far the most beautiful, cheap, and really 'comprehensive' history of the nation which has ever yet appeared." John Bull.

This ought emphatically to be entitled the Family History of England." Morning Herald.

.Vn admirable record, not only of military and political events, but of moral and intellectual progress, thus comprising, in

i real History of England." Civil Service Gazette.

'.This will be regarded by many and with reason as the best existing History of England." The Dial.

Complete in 28 parts, 2*. each ; or 3 vols. super-royal 8vo, cloth, 3, 3s.

A Comprehensive History of India,

IL, MILITARY, and SOCIAL, from the first landing of the English, to the suppression of the Sepoy alt, including an Outline of the Early History of Hiudoostan. By HENEY BEVEBIDGE, Esq., Advocate, trated by above Five Hundred Engravings on Wood and Steel.

1 his elaborate and able work is indeed more comprehensive than its title would imply, for it gives us with philosophical dis- i ation the ancient, medieval, and modern history of a most singular people, who were well fed and well clad, who had a en language, and composed metaphysical treatises, when the forefathers of the race that now bears sway over two hundred 3 iis of them were still wandering in the woods of Britain and Germany, all of them savages, and some perhaps cannibals. The numerous engravings on wood and steel, remarkable for their beauty and fidelity, contribute greatly to the interest j-.'en to the instructive power of the work." Examiner.

New and Improved Edition ; complete in 25 parts, 1*. each ; or 1 vol. royal 4to, cloth, 27*. 6ti.

Family Worship:

a ies of Prayers, with Doctrinal and Practical Remarks on Passages of Sacred Scripture, for every Morning and ung throughout the Year. By above Two Hundred Ministers of the Gospel. Illustrated by Twenty -six fine fare vings on Steel.

p In h Service is composed of Praise and of a portion of Scripture pointed out of brief practical remarks upon the Scripture U; nd of an appropriate prayer. The number of Authors above Two HUNDRED, quite unprecedented in a single volume of thfi tent amply secures variety of style and expression, and effectually guards against the monotony so apt to pervade any Work Ills description when entirely the production of a single mind. A Selection of Hymns, Five Hundred in number, forms the fcorfi ling portion of the Volume. The Hymns are published separately in a compact form, price 2s. cloth.

To be completed in about 19 parts, imperial 8vo, Is. each.

The Christian in Complete Armour;

JEATISE OF THE SAINTS' WAR AGAINST THE DEVIL. By WILLIAM GURNALL, M.A. Accu- r printed from the Author's own editions. With a BIOGRAPHICAL INTRODUCTION, by the Rev. J. C. RTLE, I son., author of Living or Dead, Home Truths, &c.

war or conflict here described is so illustrated, as to embrace the entire course of the Christian's life on earth. It is

I* into two parts. The first, A Short but Powerful Encouragement to the War; and the second, and main part, Directions

la naging the War successfully, wherein is set forth the necessity of being armed for the conflict ; the armour required ; the

fr of being unarmed, and the certainty of victory if properly armed; the nature of the conflict; the character and power i "

,nt or enemies with which the Christian has to contend, &c. &c.