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To be completed in about 22 parts, super-royal 8vo, 1. each.

The Works of the Ettrick Shepherd,

IN POETRY AND PROSE. A New Edition, revised at the instance of the Author's Family. With a Bio- graphical Memoir by the Rev. THOMAS THOMSON. Illustrated by numerous fine Engravings on Steel, from Drawings by D. O. Hill, B.S.A.

,The Tales of the Ettrick Shepherd are written in a style peculiarly racy and attractive, which never fails to impress the reader in the liveliest manner, and which obtained distinction for the Author even when the Great Unknown was in the height of his fame. His Poems, more especially the "Queen's Wake," and Songs, attained, when originally published, an extent of popularity seldom reached ; and for fertility of imagination and felicity of expression, they continue to be still unsurpassed.

Complete in 34 parts, medium 4to, 1*. each; or 1 handsome vol. cloth gilt, 38*.

Italy: Illustrated and Described.

A Series of Views, engraved in the most finished manner, from Drawings by Stanfield, E.A.; Roberts, B.A., Harding, Prout, Leitch, Brockedon, Barnard, &c. &c. With Descriptions of the Scenes. Preceded by a Review of the Past Condition and Future Prospects of Italy and the Italians. Each Part contains two large and highly-finished Engravings, with descriptive text.

" We do not know a more delightful drawing-room book than this work on Italy, which comprises upwards of sixty exquisite illustrations of the noblest and most interesting scenery in the world, with corresponding descriptions to record the natural features, and the poetical and historical associations of each spot." Inverness Courier.

" There is an exquisite delicacy of finish in these Engravings. They are in the finest line manner, which admits of full justice being done to the various subjects." Scotsman.

Morton's Cyclopedia of Agricul-

TURE, Practical and Scientific : in which the Theory, the Art, and the Business of Farming, in all their departments, are thoroughly and practically treated. By upwards of Fifty of the most Eminent Farmers, Land-Agents, and Scientific Men of the day. Edited by JOHN C. MOBTON. With above 1800 Illustrative figures on Wood and Steel. In 28 parts, 2s. 6d. each; or 2 large vols., super-royal 8vo, cloth, 3, 15*.

" We most cordially advise our agricultural readers to secure this work, as a treasure of inestimable value." Mark Lane Express.

The Gardener's Assistant; Practical

and Scientific. A Guide to the Formation and Manage- ment of the Kitchen, Fruit, and Flower Garden, and the Cultivation and Management of Conservatory, Green-house, and Stove Plants. With a Copious Calendar of Gardening Operations. By ROBERT THOMPSON, of the Horticultural Society's Gardens, Chiswick. Illustrated by carefully Coloured Plates, and nearly 300 Woodcuts. In 12 parts, 2s. 6d. each ; or 1 vol., super-royal 8vo, cloth, 31s. Qd.

" The best compendium of the science and practice of horti- culture in the English language." Scottish Gardener.

Farm Insects. Being the Natural History and Economy of the Insects injurious to the Field Crops in Great Britain and Ireland, and also those which in- fest Barns and Granaries, with suggestions for the destruction of enemies, and the preservation of friends. By JOHN CURTIS, F.L.S., &c. &c. Illustrated with many hundred figures, plain and coloured. In 8 parts, 2s. 6d. each; or 1 vol., super-royal 8vo, cloth, 22s.

"We are taught how to anticipate the insects before they attack the crops, so as to weaken the assault, and also to check their progress. For these ends, concise rules are given as to the management of the soil and plant. We know of no greater boon to the agriculturist, in one particular department of his labours, than the publication of this volume." Gloucester Chronicle.

Ditching and Draining: A Manual of

Tables for Computing Work done, showing length of Drains in any piece of land from 1 pole to 100 acres ; number of pipes or tiles required ; cubic or solid con- tents of digging in ditches and drains; with other useful tables. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 2s.

Our Farm Crops; being a popular Scien- tific Description of the Cultivation, Chemistry, Diseases, and Remedies, c., of our different Crops, worked up to the high Farming of the present day. By JOHN WILSON, F.B.S.E., Professor of Agriculture in the Uni- versity of Edinburgh. Numerous Engravings on Wood. In 12 parts, 1*. each; or 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 13*.

" A most instructive and valuable book of practice and refer- ence." Era.

The Farmer's Guide. A Treatise on

the Diseases of Horses and Black Cattle, with Instruc- tions for the Management of Breeding Mares and Cows. By JAMES WEBB, Veterinary Surgeon. Twelfth Edi- tion. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

The Agriculturist's Calculator.

A Series of Forty-five Tables for Land-Measuring, Draining, Manuring, Planting, Weight of Hay and Cattle by Measurement, Building, &c. 17 nos., foolscap 8vo, 6d. each; bound, 9s.

The Hay and Cattle Measurer.

A Series of Tables for Computing the Weight of Hay- stacks and Live Stock by Measurement. Also, Table showing the Equivalent, in Weight and Price, of the Imperial to the Dutch Stone, and other Local Weights. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

The Agriculturist's Assistant: A

Manual of Principles, Rules, and Tables of constant use in all Calculations incident to the occupation and im- provement of Land, and specially in those involved in payment by Piece-work. By JOHN EWABT. Second Edition, Enlarged and Improved. Plates and Cuts. | Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. .;

The New Farmer's Almanac and

YEAR-BOOK OF PROGRESS : 1856-64. Edited by JOHN C. MORTON, Editor of the Agricultural Gazette, r Cyclopedia of Agriculture, &c. Published yearly, price Is.

A depository of much information of permanent value to all who are in any way concerned in the various departmen' " Farming and Agriculture.