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'he Scots Worthies; THEIR LIVES

.nJEESTiMONiES. Originally compiled by JOHN HOWIE, f ochgoin, revised by JAMES HOWIE, A.M. With an npluction, by the Rev. ROBERT BUCHANAN, D.D.; 111 a Supplement, containing MEMOIRS OF THE WOMEN n B E COVENAN T. Upwards of One Hundred Illustra- Mo': In 22 parts, Is. each; or 1 vol., super-royal 8vo, Jji, 23s.

I phe Ten Years' Conflict; Being the

Juory of the Disruption of the Church of Scotland. Jtthe Rev. ROBERT BUCHANAN, D.D. Illustrated with Icraits on Steel and Designs on Wood. 25 nos., Qd. pi ; or 2 vols. cloth, 14s.

| jb is a history for the Church and for future ages, and not Ar} for a single sect or for the present times ; it is not for a of , but for mankind." Scottish Guardian.

I 'he Israel of the Alps. A Com-

jBI: Eistory of the Vaudois of Piedmont (or Waldenses) jnjt ieir Colonies. Prepared in great part from unpub- ad Documents. By ALEXIS MUSTON, D.D. Illustra- |by Maps and beautiful Views of the Waldensian leys. In 16^ parts, Is. each; or 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 18s.

phe Works of Flavins Jpsephus.

|;e Type, with Maps and other Illustrations. Demy, ' parts, Is. each; or 4 vols., cloth, 24s.

[PuOllin's Ancient History; With

Imsive Notes, Geographical, Topographical, Histori- laad Critical, and a Life of the Author. By JAMES IL. Numerous Illustrations. In 24 parts, medium " is. each ; or 2 vols. cloth, 1, 6s.

[emoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte.

1 . DE BOURRIENNB. To which is now first added, |Account of the Events of the Hundred Days, of

oleon's Surrender to the English, and of his Resi- le and Death at St. Helena, with Anecdotes and It native Notes. Numerous Historical and Portrait It rations. 2 vols. medium 8vo, cloth, 26s.

History of the Earth and

!MATED NATURE. By OLIVER GOLDSMITH. b numerous Notes from the Works of the most dis-

ished British and Foreign Naturalists. Fully illus-

id by Engravings on Steel and on Wood. The

contain 2400 Illustrative Figures, of which above

are carefully Coloured. In 36 parts, super-royal

I*, each; or 2 vols. cloth extra, 2.

History of the Vegetable King-

embracing the Physiology, Classification, and the

ure of Plants; with their various uses to Man and Lower Animals, and their application in the Arts, ufactures, and Domestic Economy. By WILLIAM N D. Illustrated by 700 Figures on Wood and Steel, 1 ich 100 are beautifully Coloured. In 22 parts, 1 8vo, Is. each ^ or 1 vol. cloth extra, 24s.

inral Architecture. A Series of

I gas for Ornamental Cottages and Villas; exempli- iiii Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details, extend- |t ) 84 Plates. With Practical Descriptions. By Is WHITE, Architect. In 21 parts, imperial 4to, 2s. | ; 1 vol. half-morocco, 2, 10s.

'he Cabinet -Maker's Assistant.

tries of Original Designs for Modern Furniture, descriptions and details of Construction. Corn- in 23 parts, imperial 4to, 2s. 6d. each; half -bound

,'co, 3, 5s.

The Engineer and Machinist's

ASSISTANT : Being a Series of Plans, Sections, and Elevations of Steam Engines, Water Wheels, Spinning Machines, Mills for Grinding, Tools, &c., taken from Machines of approved construction; with detailed De- scriptions and Practical Essays on various departments of Machinery. In 28 parts, imperial 4to, 2s. Gd. each ; or 2 vols. half-morocco, 4, 4s.

The Engineer and Machinist's

DRAWING-BOOK : A Complete Course of Instruction for the Practical Engineer ; comprising Linear Drawing, Projections, Eccentric Curves, the various forms of Gearing, Reciprocating Machinery, Sketching and Draw- ing from the Machine, Projection of Shadows, Tinting Colouring, and Perspective ; on the basis of the works of M. Le Blanc and MM. Armengaud. Illustrated by 71 Engraved Plates and many Engravings on Wood. In 16 parts, imperial 4to, 2s. each ; or 1 vol. half -morocco, 2, 2s.

Railway Machinery. A Treatise on

the Mechanical Engineering of Railways; embracing the Principles and Construction of Rolling and Fixed Plant, in all departments. Illustrated by a Series of Plates on a large scale, and by numerous Engravings on Wood. By D. KINNEAR CLARK, Engineer. In 30 parts, im- perial 4to, 2*. Qd. each ; 2 vols. half-morocco, 4, 15s.

"This work gives such a comprehensive view of Hallway Machinery in all its details, that the engineer, old and young, can have no better authority for reference." Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal.

Recent Practice in the Locomo-

TIVE ENGINE (being a Supplement to Railway Ma- chinery); Comprising the most Recent Improvements in English practice, and Illustrations of the Locomotive Practice of the United States of America. By D. KINNEAR CLARK, Engineer. In 10 parts, imperial 4to, 2s. 6d. each; half- morocco, 35s.

Railway Locomotives. Their Pro- gress, Mechanical Construction, and Performance, with the recent Practice in England and America. Illus- trated by an extensive series of Plates, and numerous Engravings on Wood. By D. KINNEAR CLARK, En- gineer. In 25 parts, imperial 4to, 2s. 6d. each ; 2 vols. half-morocco, 4.

The Carpenter and Joiner's AS- SISTANT. By JAMES NEWLANDS, Borough Engineer of Liverpool. Being a Comprehensive Treatise on the selection, preparation, and strength of Materials, and the Mechanical Principles of Framing, with their appli- cations in Carpentry, Joinery, and Hand Railing; also, a Course of Instruction in Practical Geometry, Geome- trical Lines, Drawing, Projection, and Perspective, and an Illustrated Glossary of Terms used in Architecture and Building. Illustrated by 115 Engraved Plates, and many Hundred Engravings on Wood. In 24 parts, super-royal 4to, 2s. each ; or 1 vol. half-morocco, 2, 16s.

"We know of no treatise on the subject which at all ap- proaches this in merit." Mechanic's Magazine.

The Mechanic's Calculator; Com- prehending Principles, Rules, and Tables, in the various Departments of Mathematics and Mechanics. Twenty- second Edition. Cloth, 5s. 6d.

The Mechanic's Dictionary. A

Note-Book of Technical Terms, Rules, and Tables, use- ful in the Mechanical Arts. With Engravings of Machinery, and nearly 200 Diagrams on Wood. Eight- eenth Edition. Cloth, 9s.

The CALCULATOR and DICTIONARY are published in 27 nos., 6rf. each.