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The Works of Robert Burns.

Complete Illustrated Edition, Literary and Pictorial. With WILSON'S ESSAY "On the Genius and Character of Burns," and Dr. CUERIE'S Memoir of the Poet, and 53 Landscape and Portrait Illustrations. In 25 parts, super-royal 8vo, Is. each.

Or with Eight SUPPLEMENTARY PARTS, containing 32 Engravings; making in all 82 Illustrations. 2 vols., cloth extra, 36s.

"Unquestionably the most beautiful edition we have seen. The engravings are admirable, the typography very choice, and the notes select and useful." Court Circular.

A New Portrait of Robert Burns,

Prom the much-admired Picture by his friend ARCHI- BALD SKIRVING, Engraved in Stipple, in the most fin- shed manner. By WILLIAM HOLL. Size of the En- graving, 14^ by 11^ inches. Prints, 7s. 6rf.; Plain Proofs, with open letters, 12s.; First Proofs, on India Paper, with .Autograph, 20*.

"A very admirable portrait, beaming with manly beauty, ntelligence, and vivacity, the impersonation of a man endowed by nature with no ordinary gifts." Art Journal.

The Book of Scottish Song. A

Collection of the Best and most Approved Songs of Scotland, with Critical and Historical Notices, and an Essay on Scottish Song. Engraved Frontispiece and Title. Medium 16mo, cloth, gilt edges, 6s. 6d.

"It is decidedly the best and most extensive collection of songs that has ever issued from the press." Liverpool Albion.

The Book of Scottish Ballads.

A comprehensive Collection of the Ballads of Scotland, with Illustrative Notes, and Engraved Frontispiece and Title. Medium 16mo, cloth, gilt edges, 6*. 6d.

"The most comprehensive publication of the kind which has yet appeared." Atlas.

Poems and LyriCS, chiefly in the Scot- tish Dialect, by ROBERT NICOLL. With a Memoir of the Author. Fourth Edition. Small 8vo, cloth gilt, 3s. 6d.

Wayside Flowers: Being Poems and Songs, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. By ALEXANDER LAING, Brechin. Introduction by Eev. GEORGE GIL- PILLAN. Third edition. Cloth gilt, 2s.

Smith's Canada: PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. Being an Historical, Geographical, Geolo- gical, and Statistical Account of Canada West. Maps, and other Illustrations. 2 vols. medium 8vo, cloth, 20s.

An Outline of the Rise and Pro-

GRESS OF LITERATURE; presenting a Critical Literary Estimate of the Literature of Ancient and Modern Times, Greek, Roman, English, and Conti- nental. By Sir DANIEL K. SANDFORD, D.C.L. Fools- cap 8vo, cloth, Is. Gd.

Cyclopedia of Domestic Medicine

AND SURGERY. Being an Alphabetical Account of the Various Diseases incident to the Human Frame; with Directions for their Treatment, and for performing the more Simple Operations of Surgery. By THOMAS ANDREW, M.D. Illustrated with Engravings on Wood and Steel. 17 parts, royal 8vo, Is. each; cloth, 18s.

The Land Measurer's Reac,

RECKONER: Being Tables for ascertaining at sig the Contents of any Field or Piece of Land. Bou roan, 2s.

Peddie's Practical Measurer;

Tradesman and Wood Merchant's Assistant. A of Tables for facilitating the Calculations required : the Building Trades. New Edition, greatly eif In 13 nos., 6d. each; bound, 7s. &d.

To this edition is added Tables for calculating Timber in Dl and Battens, including not only the standard sizes, but all thi various scantlings usually imported ; and also for estimata^ the price of Boards of various thickness and for other purpotei

The Commercial Hand-Book. j

Complete Ready-Reckoner, and Compendium of Tabla and Information for the Trader, Merchant, and Com- mercial Traveller. 310 pp. 48mo, bound in roan, It

The Chorister's Text-Book; Con

taining nearly Two Hundred Psalm and Hymn Tunes Chants, Anthems, &c., arranged for from Two to Fivi Voices, with Organ or Pianoforte Accompaniments preceded by a Comprehensive Grammar of Music. B] W. J. P. KIDD. Super-royal 8vo, stiff paper cover, 5*. cloth gilt, 8s.

Gerlach's Comprehensive Ger-

MAN DICTIONARY. German and English, andjlng lish and German. By J. J. GERLACH, LL.D. embossed, 5s. 6d.

This Dictionary is more copious in the number of its i and meanings than any portable German Dictionary hiti published.

The Hand Place -Book of the

UNITED KINGDOM; Containing References of i use to upwards of 15,000 Localities in Great Britain i Ireland, and General Statistical Tables. Bound, '

Ferguson's Interest Tables,

Fourteen different Rates, from a Quarter to Six i Half per Cent.; also, Tables of Commission and kerage. New Edition, enlarged. Bound, 5s.

Lawrie's System of Mercant

ARITHMETIC; With the Nature, Use, and Negotia- tion of Bills of Exchange. Fifth Edition. In 2 ^ bound in roan, with ANSWERS, 3s.; or parts I. and J in cloth, Is. each; the ANSWERS separately, Is.

Comstock's Natural Philosophy:

Edited and largely augmented by R. L>. HOBLYN, M.A. Oxon. With Questions for Examination on each Chap' ter, and an Appendix of Problems. Illustrated by nearlj Three Hundred Engravings on Wood. Foolscap 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

MofEat: ITS WALKS AND WELLS. With Incidental Notices of its Botany and Geology. _. WILLIAM KEDDIE; and Report on, and Chemical Analysis of, its Mineral Wells, by J. MACADAM, F.E.S.S.A. Foolscap 8vo, Is.

Staffa and lona Described and

ILLUSTRATED; With Notices of the Principal Ob- jects on the route from Port Crinan to Oban, and in th< Sound of Mull. Many Engravings. Limp cloth, Is. W<