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to see a speck of dust in the house. The door- knobs must be well polished, the furniture must shine, and the mirrors must be thoroughly cleaned. The chambermaid has charge of the poultry- yard. "

"But, Madame, I know nothing about poultry- yards. ' '

" Well, you will learn. The chambermaid soaps, washes, and irons, except Monsieur's shirts; she does the sewing, — I have no sewing done out- side, except the making of my costumes ; she waits on table, helps the cook to wipe the dishes, and does the polishing. There must be order, perfect order. I am a stickler for order and cleanliness, and especially for honesty. Moreover, everything is under lock and key. If anything is wanted, I must be asked for it. I have a horror of waste. What are you accustomed to take in the morning ? ' '

" Coffee with milk, Madame."

" Coffee with milk? You do not stint yourself. Yes, in these days they all take coffee with milk. Well, that is not the custom in my house. You will take soup; it is better for the stomach. What did you say? "

Jeanne had said nothing. But it was evident she was making an effort to say something. At last she made up her mind.

"I ask Madame' s pardon, but what does Madame give us to drink? "

" Six quarts of cider a week."