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" I cannot drink cider, Madame. The doctor has forbidden me to."

" Ah! the doctor has forbidden you to. Well, will give you six quarts of cider. If you want wine, you will buy it. That concerns you. What pay do you expect ? ' '

She hesitated, looked at the carpet, the clock, and the ceiling, rolled her umbrella in her hands, and said, timidly:

" Forty francs."

"Forty francs! " exclaimed Madame. " Why don't you say ten thousand francs, and done with it ? You must be crazy. Forty francs ! Why, it is unheard of ! We used to pay fifteen francs, and got much better service. Forty francs ! And you do not even know how to fatten poultry! You do not know how to do anything ! I pay thirty francs, and I think that altogether too much. You have no expenses in my house. I am not exacting as to what you wear. And you are washed and fed. God knows how well you are fed ! I give out the portions myself."

Jeanne insisted:

" I have had forty francs in all the places where I have worked."

But the lady had risen. And, in a dry and ugly voice, she exclaimed:

" Well, you had better go back to them. Forty francs ! Such impudence ! Here are your