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recommendations — your recommendations from dead people. Be off with youl "

Jeanne carefully wrapped up her recommen- dations, put them back into the pocket of her dress, and then said, imploringly, in a timid and sorrow- ful voice :

«' If Madame will go as high as thirty-five francs, we could come to terms."

" Not a sou. Be off with you! Go to Algeria to find again your Mme. Robert. Go where you like. There is no lack of vagabonds like you; there are heaps of them. Be off with you. ' '

With sad face and slow step Jeanne left the bureau, after curtseying twice. I saw from her eyes and lips that she was on the point of crying.

Left alone, the lady shouted furiously: "Ah! these domestics, what a plague ! It is impossible to be served these days."

To which Mme. Paulhat-Durand, who had finished sorting her cards, answered, majestic, crushed, and severe:

" I had warned you, Madame; they are all like that. They are unwilling to do anything, and expect to earn hundreds and thousands. I have nothing else to-day. All the others are worse. To-morrow I will try to find you something. Oh ! it is very distressing, I assure you. ' *

I got down from my post of observation the very moment that Jeanne Le Codec was re-entering the ante-room, amid an uproar.