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1812. Report of Committee on Transportation with Minutes of Evidence and other Documents. (H.C., 1812, II.)

1816. Expenses (Annual) of New South Wales, 1812-1816. H.C., 1816, XVIII. Letters and Enclosures of Lord Bathurst to Governor Macquarie and of Governor Macquarie to Lord Bathurst concerning Report on Transportation. (H.C., 1816, XVIII.)

1819. Report of and Minutes of Evidence taken before Committee on Gaols and Prisons. (H.C., 1819, VII.)

1822. Report of Commissioner of Inquiry (J. T. Bigge) on the state of New South Wales and its Government, Management of Convicts, their Character and Habits. (H.C., 1822, XX.)

1823. Reports of the same on the Judicial Establishments of New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land. (H.C., 1823, X.)

1823. Instructions to J. T. Bigge, Esq., January, 1819. (H.C., 1823, XIV.)

1828. Letter from late Governor Macquarie to Lord Bathurst, 27th July, 1822. (H.C., 1828, XXI.)


The following short notes have been made in order to show the relative importance of different statutes and to facilitate reference.

A full account has been given of 4 Geo. IV., cap. 96, because of its great importance in Australian History.

1784. 24 Geo. III., cap. 56.

Gives permission to His Majesty in Council to transport convicts to some place beyond the seas.

1787. 27 Geo. III., cap. 2.

Establishes Criminal Court for New South Wales.

1790. 30 Geo. III., cap. 47.

Enables His Majesty to authorise his Governor or Lieutenant-Governor of places beyond the seas, to which felons or other offenders may be transported, to remit the sentences of such offenders.

1799. 39 Greo. III., cap. 51.

Continues various Acts referring to transportation of offenders.

1802-1803. 43 Geo. III., cap. 15.

Facilitates some details in carrying out the transportation of convicts.

1806. 46 Geo. III., cap. 28.

Continues the Transportation of Offenders' Act until 1813.

1813. 53 Geo. III., cap. 39.

Continues Transportation of Offenders' Act for one year.

1813. 54 Geo. III., cap. 15.

For the more easy recovery of debts in New South Wales.

1813. 54 Geo. III., cap. 30.

Continues Transportation Acts for two years.

1815. 55 Geo. III., cap. 156.

Continues Transportation Acts for one year and makes certain minor alterations therein.