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many require to borrow the last n in the pronunciation, in a similar case with yn. Nyn changes b to m; c to g; ch to j; f to v; g to gh, or y, similar to the case of g by cha, as shown in examples in this page; k to g; p to b; q to g, and t to d.

Examples of CHANGES in the Initials of VERBS throughout the Alphabet, on VOWELS and

MUTABLES by the Negative Adverb CHA (not).

119. A in verb aase (grow), changes to d; as, cha daase, past tense.
120. And n; as, — naase, present and future.
121. E in verb eeck (pay), changes to d; as, cha deeck, past.
122. And j; as, — jeeck, past.
123. And n, as, — neeck, present and future.
124. I in verb iu (drink), changes to d, as, cha diu, past.
125. And j; as, — jiu, past.
126. And n; as, — niu, present and future.
127. O in verb obbree (work), changes to d; as, cha dobbree, past.
128. And n; as, — nobbree, present and future.
129. U in verb ushtee (water), changes to d; as, cha dushtee, past.
130. And n; as, — nushtee, present and future.
131. W in verb whaal (sew), changes to d; as, cha dwhaal, past.
132. And n; as, — nwhaal, present and future.
133. Y in verb ymmyrk (bear), changes to d; as, cha dymmyrk, past.
134. And n; as, — nymmyrk, present and future.
135. B in verb benn (touch), changes to v; as, cha venn, past.
136. And no change b; as, — benn, present and future.
137. C in verb cas (twist), changes to ch; as, cha chas, past.
138. And g; as, — gas, present and future.
139. CH in verb chionn (tighten) changes to h; as, cha hionn, past.
140. And j; as, — jionn, present and future.
141. D in verb doll (blot), changes to gh; as, cha gholl, past.
142. And no change d; as, — doll, present and future.
143. F in verb foshil (open), changes to d; as, cha doshil, past.
144. And in sacred subjects, changes to v; as, — voshil, present and future.
145. And in colloquial, changes to n; as, — noshil, present and future.
146. G in verb giall (promise), changes to gh; as, cha ghiall, past.
147. Or y, as, — yiall, past.
148. And no change, g; as, — giall, present and future.
Or changed to n; as, — nyiall, present and future.
149. [1]H in verb hooar (got), changes to d; as, cha dooar, past.
150. And in hig (will come), changes to j; as, — jig, present and future.
151. J in verb jiole (suck), changes to y, as, cha yiole, past.
152. And no change, j; as, — jiole, present and future.
153. K in verb kion (buy), changes to ch; as, cha chion, past.
154. And g; as, — gion, present and future.
155. M in verb moyll (praise), changes to v; as, cha voyll, past.
156. And no change, m; as, — moyll, present and future.
157. P in verb prow (prove), changes to ph; as, cha phrow, past.
158. And b; as, — brow, present and future.
159. QU in verb quaalt (meet) changes to wh; as, cha whaalt, past.
160. And gu; as, — guaalt, present and future.
161. S in verb saill (rather or wish), changes to b; as, cha baill, future.
162. And n; as, — naill, present.
163. In verb saue (save), changes to h; as, cha haue, past.
164. And no change, s; as, — saue, present and future.
165. SH in verb shione (know), changes to b; as, cha bione, past.
166. And n; as, — nhione, present and future.
167. SL in verb sliack (like), changes to b; as, cha bliack, past.
168. And l; as, — liack, present and future.
169. T in verb trog (lift), changes to h; as, cha hrog, past.
170. And d; as, — drog, present and future.
  1. Those in H are irregular verbs, there being no Radicals under that letter