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EXAMPLES of the different WORDS produced from MANKS VERBS, and the CHANGES they undergo throughout the Alphabet; the letters t, n, r, h, q, and v, excepted.

Of E and Y, (which may serve for all the Vowels) agreeably to Remarks 14, 46, 133, and 134.

Eeck, v. pay Ymmyrk, v. bear
Eeckagh. Ymmyrkagh
Eeckee. Ymmyrkee
Eeckeyder. Ymmyrkey
Eeckeyderyn. Ymmyrkeyder
Eeckin. Ymmyrkeyderyn
Eeckins. Ymmyrkin
Eeckit. Ymmyrkins
Eeckym Ymmyrkit
Eeckyms Ymmyrkym
Eeckyn Ymmyrkyms
Eeckys Ymmyrkys
Deeck or Jeeck Dymmyrk
Geeck Gymmyrkey
Heeck Hymmyrkey
Heeckyn Nymmyrk
Neeck Nymmyrkagh
Neeckagh Nymmyrkey
Neeckin Nymmyrkin
Neeckins Nymmyrkins
Neeckym Nymmyrkym
Neeckyms Nymmyrkyms

Of B and M, agreeably to Remark 41.

Bochill, v. herd Moogh, v. quench
Bochillagh Mooghagh
Bochillaght Mooghaghyn
Bochillee Mooghee
Bochilley Mooghey
Bochillin Moogheyder
Bochillins Moogheyderyn
Bochillit Mooghin
Bochillym Mooghins
Bochillyms Mooghit
Bochillyn Mooghym
Bochillys Mooghyms
Mochillaght Mooghys
Mochilley Voogh
Mochillyn Vooghagh
Vochill Vooghaghyn
Vochillagh Vooghee
Vochillaght Vooghey
Vochilley Voogheyder
Vochillin Voogheyderyn
Vochillins Voogin
Vochillit Vooghins
Vochillym Vooghit
Vochillyms Vooghym
Vochillyn Vooghyms
Vochillys Vooghys

Of C and K, agreeably to Remarks 43, and 51.

Cront, v. knot Keil, v. conceal
Crontagh Keillagh
Crontal Keillee
Crontee Keilleyder
Crontey Keilleyderyn
Cronteyder Keillin
Cronteyderyn Keillins
Crontin Keillit
Crontins Keillym
Crontit Keillyms
Crontym Keillys
Crontyms Keiltyn
Crontys Cheil
Cruint, ir. Cheillagh
Chront Cheillee
Chrontagh Cheilleyder
Chrontal Cheilleyderyn
Chrontee Cheillin
Chrontey Cheillins
Chronteyder Cheillit
Chrontin Cheillym
Chrontins Cheillyms
Chrontit Cheillys
Chrontym Cheiltyn
Chrontyms Geil
Chrontys Geillagh
Gront Geillee
Grontagh Geilleyder
Grontal Geilleyderyn
Grontee Geillin
Gronteyder Geillins
Gronteyderyn Geillym
Grontin Geillyms
Grontins Geillyn

Of D and G, agreeably to Remarks 45 and 49.

Doll, v. blot Gear, v. laugh
Dollagh Gearagh
Dollee Gearaghtee
Dolley Gearee
Dolleyder Gearey
Dolleyderyn Geareyder
Dollin Geareyderyn
Dollins Gearin
Dollit Gearins
Dollym Gearit
Dollyms Gearym
Dollys Gearyms
Gholl Gearys