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Ghollogh Ghear
Ghollee Ghearagh
Gholley Ghearaghtee
Gholleyder Ghearee
Gholleyderyn Ghearey
Ghollin Gheareyder
Ghollins Gheareyderyn
Ghollit Ghearin
Ghollym Ghearins
Ghollyms Ghearit
Ghollys Ghearym

Of CH and F, agreeably to Remarks 44 and 48.

Chyrm, v. dry Faag, v. leave
Chyrmagh Faagagh
Chyrmaghey Faagail
Chyrmaghyn Faagee
Chyrmee Faageyder
Chyrmey Faageyderyn
Chyrmeyder Faagin
Chyrmeyderyn Faagins
Chyrmid Faagit
Chyrmin Faagym
Chyrmins Faagyms
Chyrmit Faagys
Chyrmym Aag
Ghyrmyms Aagagh
Chyrmys Aagail
Hyrm Aagee
Hyrmagh Aageyder
Hyrmaghey Aageyderyn
Hyrmaghyn Aagin
Hyrmee Aagins
Hyrmey Aagit
Hyrmeyder Aagym
Hyrmeyderyn Aagyms
Hyrmid Aagys
Hyrmin Daag
Hyrmins Naag
Hyrmit Naaghagh
Hyrmym Naagail
Hyrmyms Naagee
Hyrmys Naagin
Jyrm Naagins
Jyrmagh Naagym
Jyrmaghey Naagyms
Jyrmaghyn Vaag
Jyrmee Vaagagh
Jyrmid Vaagail
Jyrmin Vaagin
Jyrmins Vaagins
Jyrmym Vaagym
Jyrmyms Vaagyms

Of J and S, agreeably to Remark 50.

Joan, v. dust Saue, v. save
Joanagh Sauagh
Joanee Sauail
Joaney Sauailtagh
Joaneyder Sauee
Joaneyderyn Saueyder
Joanin Saueyderyn
Joanins Sauin
Joanit Sauins
Joanym Sauit
Joanyms Sauym
Joanys Sauyms
Yoan Sauys
Yoanagh Haue
Yoanee Hauagh
Yoaney Hauail
Yoaneyder Hauailtagh
Yoaneyderyn Hauee
Yoanin Haueyder
Yoanins Haueyderyn
Yoanit Hauin
Yoanym Hauins
Yoanyms Hauit
Yoanys Haunym

Of P and T, agreeably to Remarks 53 and 59.

Poose, v. marry Toig, v. understand
Poosagh Toiggagh
Poosaghyn Toiggal
Poosee Toiggalagh
Poosey Toiggaltagh
Pooseyder Toiggaltys
Pooseyderyn Toiggee
Poosin Toiggeyder
Poosins Toiggin
Poost Toiggins
Poosym Toiggit
Poosyms Toiggym
Poosys Toiggyms
Phoose Toiggys
Phoosagh Hoig
Phoosaghyn Hoiggagh
Phoosee Hoiggal
Phoosey Hoiggaltagh
Phooseyder Hoiggaltys
Phooseyderyn Hoiggin
Phoosin Hoiggins
Phoosins Hoiggit
Phoost Hoiggym
Phoosym Hoiggyms
Phoosyms Hoiggys
Phoosys Doig
Boose Doiggagh
Boosagh Doiggal
Boosaghyn Doiggaltys
Boosey Doiggin
Boosin Doiggins
Boosins Doiggym
Boost Doiggyms