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Gěuntak, to work with impetuosity for a short time; to make an effort. To frighten by making a sudden demonstration. Sa geuntak, for a short time, viz. so long as a Geuntak or effort lasts.

Gěurěuh, chattering, much small talk.

Gěurěung, a worm, the common earth worm. Name of a variety of Rattan which is thin and used for lines in houses to hang clothes on.

Gěus, the short for Anggeus, which see. Geus anggeus, it has been completed or accomplished. The abbreviated form Geus is of very frequent occurrence.

Gěus aing, an expression of doubt, of not believing. Geus aing sia to lumpat, you would most undoubtedly take to your heels. Geus aing hadé as if I can believe it is good.

Gěus-an, in order to, for the purpose of. Answers often to the Malay word Buat. Geusan diyeuk, something to sit down upon. Geusan jamang, fit to make a jacket of it.

Gěutah, the same as Gětah, which see. Gum, sap of a tree.

Géyot-géyot, swinging to and fro, pendulons.

Géyotan, a tandu or sort of sedan chair to carry a person in.

Ghaib, arabic, concealed; not within the ken of man. Said of futurity and such like. (غيب)

Ghâlib, arabic, victorious, overcoming, prevailing. (غالب)

Giatkěn, to hurry on, to expedite. (Cf. Kagyat Kawi, and Kaget, Jav. Batav.)

Gigih, half-boiled rice, which is then taken off the fire, undergoes the process of akeul or kneading, and is then boiled again till fully cooked.

Gigir, side, edge. Nyimpang ka gigir, to step on one side. Gigiran imah, along side the house.

Gigirěun, on the side of, near the side of a person.

Gila, to have an aversion, to abhor anything, to make the flesh creep, to loathe, to nauseate.

Gilang, to shine, to glitter; Batu gilang, a glittering stone, the Diamond &c.

Gilěr, to turn the head aside and cast sheep's eyes. To look at slyly, as at a woman; to ogle.

Gili, an earthen bank put up on each side of the road. An embankment so called when on a road side.

Giling, to turn round as a wheel, or mill. To revolve, to grind.

Giling Wěsi, the name of an old empire in Java; situated some where near the Gunung Sméru. Raffles vol 2. Page 72/73.

Gilir, to turn, to change, to take by turns; to take first one and then the other.

Giliran, a turn, an opportunity to do anything, a change. Giliran kami ayeunah, it is now my turn.

Gilirkěn, to give a turn, to change, to take in turn. To cause to take or do by turns. To turn over, to twist round.