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Isa, arabic, Jesus. Nabi Isa, the prophet Jesus. (عِيسَي)

Isang, to use water to clean yourself after having obeyed a daily call of nature.

Isĕr, to move, to displace. Isĕr sahĕutik, move a little.

Isĕus, tame, gentle.

Isikën, to wash rice preparatory to boiling.

Isin, ashamed, abashed. (Jav. id.)

Ising, to ease oneself, to relieve nature. (Jav. id.)

Iskandĕr, Alexander. Arabic. Iskandĕr Zulkarnain, Alexander the Great, or Alexander with the horns, by which he is known in ancient Indian lore.

Islam, arabic, Mohammedan, Mussulman. Belonging to the faithful. Agama Islam, the Mohammedan religion (إسْلاَمً).

Ismail, arabic, Ishmael, the son of Abraham.

Ispala, for instance; in this, or that manner.

Istal, stable, being a corruption of the Dutch word Stal, stable.

Istambul, arabic, Constantinople.

Istan, to check, to hold at bay, said of any enemy or person to whom we are opposed.

Istanggi, incense. (Mal. id.)

Istiar, to seek, to make exertion to get.

Istiara, if only, provided that.

Istibrah, a wrong sentence of the priest; a term on religion matters.

Istijĕrat, evidently an Arabic word. Anything relating to persons or times before the Mohammedan religion was introduced; Pagan and supernatural.

Istinggar, a gun, a fowling piece. The word is a corruption of the Portuguese word Espingarda, a matchlock. Marsden. Page 6.

Istirahat, arabic, quiet, repose, ease, peace; Quiet, tranquil.

Istiwĕl, a boot, such as worn by Europeans. (From the German Stiefel, Dutch Stevel.)

Istiwir, a trifling present, or gift; something added out of good nature.

Istri, a lady, a woman of rank- used in pantuns or old history. Slri, C. 774 a woman, a female in general.

Isuk, to morrow, to morrow morning. Morning in general. (Mal. b-isuk. Jav. ĕsuk and bĕsuk. Énjing and bénjing.)

Isuk-isuk, early in the morning.

Iswara, C. 73, a chief, a lord, a master; name of Siwa and of Kàma Déwa.

Iswari, C. 73, the wife of Siwa, otherwise named (Lakshmi), Durga, or (Saraswati). (Lakshmi belongs properly to Wishnu, Saraswati to Brahma, but on Bali they are