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Jahé, ginger, zingiber officinale.

Jahil, arabic, malicious, mischievous, disposed to do harm. See Maringkil. Jahil maringkil, maliciously disposed. (جَاهِلٌ, Jâhil, ignorant, stupid. Cf. mûdah Skr. and Bal. stupid. Jav. Mal. Young and foolish.

Jahir, unreasonable, unjust.

Jahudi, arabic, a Jew. Jewish. (يَهُوِي)

Jajadén, derived from Jadi which see. Persons or things which have become metamorphosised, a metamorphosis or transformation. As men who have been turned into Tigers or other wild beasts. In a certain degree, spectres, ghosts. The reincarnation of a dead person.

Jajah, to go about and examine, as a chief does his district, to inspect a country.((Symbol missingJavanese characters) Jajah, Jav. to tread on the ground; to go over and through something, to go about to seek for something. Gericke.)

Jajahan, in the of, in the environs of. District, province, territory. Jajahan Bogor, in the neighbourhood of Buitenzorg. The district of Buitenzorg.

Jajal, to try, to test anything or weapon; to take a trial to see if anything answers its object. To make an attempt, test, trial or experiment. Gobang na di jajal ka na daging maung he tried his gobang on the flesh of a tiger; of course on a dead one, to see if the gobang would cut, as the natives believe that iron is like some men, afraid, and you cannot be sure till you try, whether it would cut such a fierce thing as a tiger. So also they are fond of trying their Krisses. (Jav. id.)

Jajantung, the heart (anatomically); the heart of a vegetable, the core. (Mal. Jav. id.)

Jajar, a row, rank, arrangement. Di jajar, to set in a row, to arrange. See Pajajaran.

Jajar, to put together to see if they fit; said of carpentry or other work in hand.

Jajaruman, to sprout, to begin to come up, as fresh planted paddy. To show like a Jarum or needle.

Jajawarikěn, extraordinary, surprising. (From (Symbol missingJavanese characters) or (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Juwara, Jawara Jav. جوار Mal!)

Jaka, an unmarried youth, a name for a young man of good family. In little use now adays. Derived from Ja, birth. See Jata C. 209 born, produced; a child, offspring. Jataka, C. 209, born, produced; of which our Jaka appears to be a contraction.

Jakatra, a town in the island of Java, on the site of which the city Batavia was founded about the year AD. 1619. The district bore the name of Sunda Kalapa. Marsden Page 103. A part of the present old town of Batavia still retains this name.
Jakatra is compounded of Jaya, C. 206, victory, conquest, and Karta, which on Java usually means peace, but is a past participle of Karanawa, to do, and means