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Jégéng, a plant in the humahs growing innumerable small seeds, of the size of a pin's head, in clusters. It is called in Malay Jawa-wut. It can be steamed like rice and eaten. It is much given to cage birds. The Sunda people have a tradition that their ancestors lived on Jégéng before Paddy was known to them. The Malay word Jawa- wut is Sanscrit, composed of Jawa and But, C. 475 Eating (of Priests) literally Java- eating- See Jawa. (Jawawut might be Yawawat, resembling barley. Fr.)

Jégéng, turmeric, only used about Buitenzorg in this sense.

Jěgěr, stiff, inflexible, rigid. (Bat. idem.)

Jěgu, one of the many names for a wild pig.

Jěgur, the idiomatic expression of a person or animal plumping into the water; or of hurriedly running away with some noise. Jěgur bai turun ka chai, and splash he went into the water. Jěgur bai hasup ha lěuwěung, and dash he went into the forest. (Bat. Jěbur. Jav. Jěgur, the sound of thunder, or of a large gun. Fr.)

Jějak, to trample on; to stamp down with the foot. (Jav, Bat. idem.)

Jějalon, a lath or slip of barabu inserted lengthways in a gědég or wattling of bambu; the stick round which atap leaves are bent: derived from Jalu, the male of animals. Hateup sa jějalon, a single piece of Atap. (Bat. idem.)

Jějaluk, to go about asking alms, mostly under a religious pretext. (Batav. idem. Jav. Jaluk, to ask.)

Jějamu, medicine; medicine to be drunk. A medicinal draft. (Jav. idem.)

Jějangkung, stilts; pieces of bambu with pegs in them used as stilts. (Jav. Jangkung, to be in the air, like a bird of prey Batav. Jangkungan, the same as Jějangkung. Fr.)

Jĕjĕg, to stamp down, to trample down with violence with the foot: to stam pon. Asana jějěg amat di bilang téa, well I counted it perfectly correct. (See Jějak.)

Jĕjélěma-an, a puppet, a scare crow, a figure dressed up like a man. Picked men, not every man, a man selected from a number. Jějélěma-an daik kadatangan rějěki, it is not every man who has good luck. (See Jélĕma.)

Jĕjĕman, to superintend work, to oversee; to arrange, to put in order.

Jĕjĕritan, skitting about: a hopping run.

Jějuluk, a variety of grass in smamps of wich the inner fith is used as wicks for oil lamps.

Jĕkat, alms. Arabic Zakat. The Jěkat on Java is generally a portion of the crop given to the Mohammedan priests, and which properly is 1/10 of the crop. There is also a Jěkat of other property. (Arabic زَكَاةٌ, Zakâton.)

Jéké'ng, a sort of short, sharp edged grass, resembling Ilat.

Jélĕma, a person, a human being, a man, a woman. Aya jélěma di dinjo, is any person there? Jélĕma jangkung, a tall person. Jélĕma is probably a corruption of the word Janma, C. 205, born, nature, birth; nation, race, tribe, lineage.