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Karumpak, trodden down, as grass, straw or small bushes.

Karundang, a variety of the eggplant: Solanum Involucratum.

Karung, a bag, a sack.

Karunya, grace, favour, indulgence, compassion. Karuna or Karunawa. C. 109, mercy, tenderness, compassion. (Scr. Kârunya and Karuna, compassion, tenderness.)

Karunya-an, to have mercy or compassion upon any one.

Karusuk, to make a heavy dull sound, as of a man or animal walking in jungle. To grope your way through jungle.

Karusukan, to grope or push your way through thick reeds or jungle.

Karut, to twist and twine rope about anything; to make a net-work of rope round anything. Tampayang di karut, a large water jar set round with a matting of rope to prevent its breaking. Batu karut, a stone envelloped in matting, or rather as seen in the jungle envelloped in a tangled mass of lianes.

Kas, Dutch, a case, a chest.

Kas, Arabic, the extremity of the law; law of retaliation; very rarely used. (Arab. قِصَاصٌ, Qiçâç (also qaçç) talio, vindicta. Fr.)

Kasab, work, value, good. Naun kasab, what is the good of it.

Kasaksian, witnessed by, borne evidence by, attested by. Kasaksian ku mandor, witnessed by the mandor, or village chief. (From Scr. Sâkshin, Nom. Sûkshî, a witness; sa, with, akshi, eye.)

Kasaktian, supernatural power, enchantment. (From Çakti, id.)

Kasampak, met, fallen in with, come upon, encountered.

Kasandung, stumbled, tripped up, run unintentionally against some low object on the ground. (Sandung, (Symbol missingJavanese characters) to stumble against a stone, or any object on the ground Jav.)

Kasang, curtains, screens. Panggo-ongan gĕus di kasangan the shed where the gong is played has been hung round with curtains. Kasang ratu, curtains for a prince.

Kasangsang, caught, hooked, arrested; said of a rope, clothes or any object which is caught against something else. Tali na kasangsang ka na ruyuk. the rope has caught among the bushes.

Kasantap, to get an attack of illness as if caused by some evil genius. Suddenly struck ill, paralyzed.

Kasap, sharp and rough to the feel, harsh, biting like a file. (Kasap and Kasab Jav. id.; rough, not smooth.)

Kasar, rude, uncivil. (Batav. Malay كاسر Kâsar, rough, used also of cloth or other matters. Fr.)

Kasarang, as when a man or woman wants to get married and is refused; jilted. (Sarang Jav. to have a dislike, to be not inclined to.)

Kasarikat, see Sarikat.

Kasaru, to mistake, to take the wrong one from two or more objects which are very much alike; not recognize, as a person heard of but never seen.