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Kasarung, probably the same as Kasaru with the nasal and final ng suffixed, and may then imply- travestied, disguised. The word occurs only in the history of Pajajaran as Lutung kasarung, see Raffles Vol. 2 Page 102. „Guru Putra then gave Chiung Wanara a black monkey skin jacket, which the latter forthwith put on and immediately became in appearance like that animal. He, at the same time, gave him the name of Guru minda sida tanda Prabu Lutung Kasarung”.

Kasasar, gone astray, wandered till lost, lost the way, bewildered, embarrassed, perplexed. (Jav. Batav. id.)

Kasěbét, a small bit cut off, just touched, grazing upon. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters), Sěbit, torn in pieces, a piece torn off.)

Kasěděk, pinched for time, in a great hurry; jammed in difficulties, ((Symbol missingJavanese characters) S’děk in Kawi is the same as (Symbol missingJavanese characters) s’děng, which occurs also in Jav. and Malay, but means only at the time that, when. Fr.)

Kaséndal, work finished in proper time, got through early. (Sěndal (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Jav. to be prosperous in an undertaking.)

Kaséntor, to come and meet.

Kasép, handsome, good looking, said of a man, but not of a woman who is gěulis, which see. Said also of some things but rather ironically. Kasép amat perkara na, his adventure (or his story) is very handsome. He has got a very pretty adventure!

Kasěpuhan, the old gentleman; a respectful designation for an oldman. (Sěpuh, Jav. old.)

Kasěrahkěn, delivered up, handed over. (Sěrah, Mal. id.)

Kasiat, for the reason that, seeing that. Kasiat sasari na to daikkěn for the reason that ordinarily he will not.

Kasibat, overcome by dizziness in the head, from exposure to the sun. Struck by the sun.

Kasih, affection, love, compassion. Kasih na gědé nakěr ka nu Iěutik, he has great compassion on humble people.

Kasihan, compassion, mercy, consideration. Ménta kasihan tuan bai, I entreat your mercy.

Kasikěp, to be able to manage, to be master of, to have within one's power. Pagawéan éta to kasikěp, that work cannot be managed. Kasikěp ayěunah kabéh, we are now master of the whole.

Kasimah, terrified, afrighted, overcome by sudden and great terror, Paralyzed, frightened out of his wits. Ari ngadeng’i soara maung těulěui kasimah, as soon as he heard the roar of the tiger he became terrified, or frightened out of his wits.

Kasingsal, overlooked, missed.

Kasintu, a variety of wild jungle fowl of which the cock is small and red with black tail. Different from the Changgėhgar.

Kasir, name of an orthopterous insect, a kind of large cricket or Gryllus. It is full 1 1/2 inch long and thus a good deal larger than the Jangkrik, which it otherwise resembles. The kasir burrows deep in the ground, whereas the Jangkrik is generally about the surface, or in shallow holes.