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Katimang, the oval ring of iron resembling an elongated O, which fixes into the splinter bar of a Chinese plough, by which the buffaloe drags it. The Katimang hooks the splinter bar upon the Chantél, which is a crooked bit of iron fixed to the end of the pole of the plough. (Timang Jav. A hook.)

Katimpahan, struck, knocked down, overwhelmed. (Batav. id.)

Katimun, more usually Hantimun, a Cucumber, which see.

Katindihan, covered up by, buried under, placed under. Katindihan ku kayu ěunyěuh, knocked down by a tree falling. (Malay Batav. id. Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) Nindih to lay over.)

Katiněung, to feel a delight at seeing or meeting any one; also at the mere remembrance of any one to whom we are attached; bearing affection. In the language of Poggi, on the west coast of Sumatra, Ténung is the heart, and our Sunda word looks as if it were this same word with the constructive ka before it, and would thus imply, heart-felt or having relation to the heart, the seat of the emotions.

Kating’ali, beheld, seen, observed. A refined expression. (Ting’al, Jav., as a verb ning’al, to see; Balin. ting’hal id. Fr.)

Katinggalan, left behind, lagging behind on the road. Deserted. Jauh kénéh katinggalan nana, he was left a long way behind. Katinggalan nana, its remainder, what is left over. (From Tinggal.)

Katinggang, see Ninggang; under the influence of; fallen to the share of.

Katir, outriggers of a boat; arms distended on each side of a small canoe to prevent its upsetting.

Katiwasan, overtaken by some serious injury. (Tiwas, Jav. unlucky, unfortunate. Balin. poor, wretched. Fr.)

Katog, strong, of great strength. (Jav. Full grown.)

Katon, visible, within sight, seen. (From Ton, Non, to see. Jav.)

Katomas, name of a handsome variety of Justicia. The leaves are mottled yellow and green, or gold and green; it is an ornamental shrub.

Katrajang, overtaken by, suffering under, attacked by. Katrajang Cha-ah, overtaken by a flood. Katrajang nyěri běutung, suffering a belly ache. Katrajang ku nu ngabégal, attacked by banditti. (Jav. Trajang, attack in battle; Nrajang, to attack.)

Katukang, Ka to, with Tukang, see behind.

Katumbila, a stinking louse found about old bambu flooring, in native houses. Cimex.

Katumbiri, the rainbow. Apparently compounded of Kata, C. 101 a woman; lustre, effulgence, a ray of the sun; and Biri, C. 473 a woman, a wife. The two words being connected by the peculiar Sunda um which see, and is thus- the effulgence of woman. The natives have an idea that the rainbow is caused or happens whenever the Badiyadari or celestial nymphs are bathing.

Katumpuhan, being answerable for, liable for; anything lost or destroyed which has to be replaced by the person destroying it. (Jav. Těmpah, Tatěumpuh, Tatěmpah, replacing, indemnification.)