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Katunchar, Coriander seed. Coriandrum sativum.[1].

Katung, a joint of bambu tied up to the Pager or wall of a native house, in which small valuables are kept.

Katunggu, watched, guarded, to be kept in order, properly superintended.

Katungku, said of a buffaloe which appears to be ailing, and which it is thought prudent to kill for fear of its dying, whereby the flesh would be lost, if the animal was not killed according to Mohammedan rites.

Katut, going in at the bargaiu; sold along with something else. Béas di juwal katut jĕung karung na, the rice was sold along with the bag.

Katuwon, inward sorrow, regret.

Ka-ubĕr, roused up, stirred up, put to rout.

Kaul, arabic. Marsden. A written agreement, contract, engagement, (قَوْلً, Qaul, a saying, word.)

Kaula, I, I myself. A humble designation of self, whereby the speaker places himself below the person whom he . It is still more humble than Kula, of which it seems to be a modification.

Kaulkĕn, to make a promise or engagement.

Kaum, arabic, an assembly of priests or men met for the purpose of prayer. (قَوْمً Qaum, people.)

Kaur, having time, having leisure. To kaur, I have no time. (Kahur Jav. time, leisure.)

Kaus, a stocking, such as worn by Europeans. It is the Dutch word kous, stocking.

Kawa, the Crater of a Volcano. Kawa, C. 115, a circle. Perhaps the name was applied to the craters of Volcanoes from their being generally circular openings on the tops of the mountains. (Perhaps a derivation from the Scr. root ku, to sound. Fr.)

Kawa Domas, name of one of the craters on the Tangkuban Prahu.

Kawah, a large cooking pan, a sugarpan. This and the precending word appear to be distinct, though so nearly allied in both sound an sense. The latter word, however, is always aspirated at the end which the other is not.

Kawai, the Baju or jacket of a native nobleman.

Kawalahan, overdone with work; having more trouble and work than can be got through; overtasked.

Kawalu, and Kawalu tutug, are great festivals of the Badui heathens in South Bantam. This Kawalu sounds like a Sunda form of the Javanese Wolu, Eight, and thus kawa-

  1. Jav. Malay Katumbar. There is a very remarkable exchange between b en ch in Malay and Sundanese. See Changkudu to Mal. Bangkudu; Changkwang - Bangkwang. The letters B en Ch seeming to be very distant from each other, must have been considered or rather felt by the natives to be cognate. I know no Analogon of their exchange in other languages, who are cognate to each other, they are the one a Media the other a Tenuis of another class, Fr.