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Kontan, the Dutch word Kontant: ready money, money down, for cash.

Kontol, the testicles.

Kontol anjing, name of a plant.

Kontol munding, a variety of fig tree. Ficus Macrocarpa.

Konyal, a creeper which climbs up old trees in old forests and has numerous blood red fruits of size of eggs, dispersed along the stem.

Kop, the idiomatic expression for eating, of putting into the mouth. Ari kop kana kéjo, and when I took a mouthful of rice. Kop di hakan, and putting it in his mouth, eat it.

Kopak, a wooden sheath for an Arit. It is worn at the back and is a bit of wood about 7 or 8 inches square, and a couple of inches thick, cut out so as to admit the arit being stuck in and worn at the back fast with a string round the loins.

Kopi, coffee, evidently derived from the Dutch Koffij. Coffea arabica. (Arab. قهوة, Kahwâ.)

Kopi alas, Coffee gardens planted in a forest where the original large trees are left standing.

Kopi děngklung, name of a tree properly called Kapiděngklung, which see.

Kopia, a skull cap, such as worn by Moormen.

Kopo, name of a tree. Myrtus speciosa.

Kopo lalai, name of a fruit tree. Jambosa Hypericifolia.

Koran, Arabic, the Sacred book of Islam or of the Mohammedans. (قرأن, Qurânon.)

Korban, Arabic, offering, sacrifice. A goat or buffalo killed with religious ceremony and eaten in commemoration of some deceased person. (قربان, Qurbân, what is offered to god; a sacrifice. Fr.)

Koréd, to clean or scrape away weeds with an iron instrument. The iron instrument so called, being a small blade with a shaft hole set at an angle to the blade.

Koréhan, to scratch and examine; to tease out; to elicit. To scratch.

Koréjat, to jump up suddenly, starting on your feet.

Korék, to scratch, to poke with any instrument and draw out. To scrape. To devise all manner of means to inculpate a person.

Korék Kachang, to dig the ground nut, which is done first by ploughing it up, and by people then scratching out the nuts from the loose earth.

Koréng, a scab or ichorous wound or eruption on the skin.

Korét, unwilling to give anything; close fisted.

Korma, Persian, the Date palm, Phoenix dactylifera. Dates, the fruit of a Palm tree imported from Persia- Khurma, Persian.

Korod, a small variety of rattan, grows bushy and low, and sometimes almost impedes progress through old forests, as it is very full of prickles.

Korohok, split and pecked by birds, said of fruit or vegetables such as cucumbers &c.

Koromod, covered with dirt, splashed with mud, as the hands and body after work. Same as Kolomod.