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Ladén, to oppose, to fight, to encounter in battle. To be ready to receive an attack. (Jav. jav character, ngladénni, Bat. ladénin, to deliver; to serve; to bring on the table.)

Ladog, and Ladogan, to stroll about the country- to become a vagabond.

Ladog, a Rhinoceros; also called Badak and Gandol.

Lafal, an arabic word used to imply, text of the Koran, or authentic reading. Lefetl, arabic, Marsden Page 303, pronunciation, a word pronounced, a vocable. Jaba saking lafal, not in the text. Said playfully of anything done for which there is no express permission. (لفظ, Laftz, or Laftl, vox, vocabulum.)

Laga, antics, tricks, deceitful pretence; resistence, see lalaga. In composition of proper names, it means, war, battle. (In the first acceptation it resembles Jav. Balin. Kawi Lěga, to be at ease, to live according to one’s inclination, a way, in which monkeys children and natives are always prone to do mischief. Batav. Laga , Malaga.-Laga Kawi. Jav. war. Fr.)

Lagé, a kind of native game danced or gone through by a number of men to the sound of the gamelan or angklung.

Lagu, tune, tone of music; an air. Used often to express the tone or tune of how matters stand. Lagu na kudu di akutan kuorang his tune is that we must carry it away. This word is said to be Sanscrit. Lagu and Laghu, C. 603 , light , soft, easy, swift, speedy.

Lah, an exclamation of impatience, or indignity.

Laha, a séro or plalted and wattled frame of bambu for taking fish; a wattling of sticks and lianes to carry earth with, called also Sampéong. A screen for a house made of split bambu and hung at doorways or in open verandahs.

Lahan, a plot or space of ground. Lahan Sawah, a plot of sawah land.

Lahang, teddy, the palm wine or juice which exudes from the fruit stem when beat and cut for that purpose. Called in Malay Tuwak.

Lahir, arabic, come into the world, born; to become manifest, visible, manifest. What is seen and understood. (ظا حر Tzàhir or Thlâhir, apparens, conspicuus.)

Lahun, to take in the arms and fondle as a child. to swing backwards and forwards in the arms.

Lai, an idiomatic expression applied to the bending of soft iron especially.

Lain, other, different. It is not so. (Mal. idem. Kawi also Lian, Bat. Len.)

Lainkěn, to make different, to alter, to change; to separate, to part.

Lair or Layěr, pendulons, hanging down at length, dangling. The reverse of Purĕk, which see. Long as a rope.

Lairan, to ease off, give length of cord.

Laja, a scitameneous plant, Alpinia Galanga. Lāja, C. 606 the root of the Andropogon muricatum. Called in Malay Langkwas.

Laja-goah, a scitameneous plant, Alpinia Malaccensis.

Lajéran, to tie up a plant or bush to a stake in order to support it. (Jav. Lajĕr, the Principal root cf. a tree; support, chief)