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Laju, quick, rapid; straight on; immediately. Laju nakĕr lumpat na he ran very fast. Laju bai di gĕbugan, and forthwith he thrashed him. Laju balik ka imah, and he immediately went home. Lagu, or Laghu, C. 603, swift, speedy. (Mal. Speedy. Jav. Kawi. To continue; continually.)

Lajur, straight on, continuous, unbroken. (Kawi. To go right through; a straight line. Mal. A furrow. A page with lines drawn on it.)

Lak, to guttle, to eat vulgarly.

Lak, sealing wax. This word is Dutch, but has been by them adopted from some Indian language. C. 606 has Lākada and Laksha, sealing wax. (Lâxâ, Scr. the lac-insect; the nests of it are used as sealing wax. It is also a red dye. Wilson.)

Lak, does not often occursingly, but appears to be the etymon of Ngĕlak to yelp, to keep bellowing out a song; Salak, a prickly thorny bush; and may be also of Galak, fierce, furious, savage, like a dog which growls and barks on every occassion; Salak in Malay is to bark.

Laka, a large forest tree, a variety of wild nutmeg. Myristica Iners.

Lakĕn, woollen cloth. The word is Dutch, of same import.

Lakĕtai, wiggle-waggle, said of any construction which does not hold firmly together, but works loose and shakes, as for instance a cart, a water-wheel or the like.

Lakian, to get a husband; said of a woman who marries. Ewéan, lakian paranti alam dunua, To take a wife or get a husband is the custom of the world. (Jav. Lakén, to live with a man.)

Laklakan, the uvula, the bit of flesh at the entrance of the wind-pipe.

Lakop, any covering board along the ends of planking. The plank running the length of a natives house, along the upper ledge, and holding fast the Bilik. It corresponds to the Linchar which performs the same service below.

Laksa, a lac. 10.000 in the Malayan Archipelago, though on the continent of India, the same word expresses 100.000. Laksha, C. 602, a lack, 100.000.

Laksa, vermicelli, rice paste made into long stringy slips; see Sangku. Probably the same word as Laksa, a lack, from the multiplicity of small round pipes of paste , and by giving it this name, the native perhaps thought that he persuaded his gods, to whom it was offered, that he was very generous towards them.

Laksamana, the name of the brother of Rama in the poem Ramayana. (Scr. Lakshmana.)

Laksamana, the title of the commander of the fleet in some Malay states. The High Admiral. Lakshamana, C. 602, chief, principal.

Laksmi, Lakshmi, C. 602 one of the three principal female deities of the Hindus; the wife of Vishnu, and goddess of wealth and prosperity. See Kamala-hiang.

Laku, easy terms, endurable, possibility to do anything, acceptable. Laku di paksa, it is possible to enforce it. Jalan éta to laku di sorang, that road cannot be travelled over. To laku, it cannot be done, it must not be attempted. (Jav. Mal. Going, course, voyage; manner; behaviour, action. Custom.)