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Lakukěn, to accept or admit as possible; to put up with; to make use of for want of better.

Lalab, all kinds of green vegetable matter, as leaves or tender shoots, used as food or eaten. Greens in general. Vide Sayur. (Lalab Jav. according to Gericke - unripe fruit and leaves, eaten by the Javanese. At Batavia the meaning is the same with that given in this article. Fr.)

Lalaga, to play antics; to play tricks with, to make a pretence of resisting, to show fight. (See Laga).

Lalai, a bat, Rhinolophus vulgaris, called also Vespertilio. (Bal. lalawa).

Lalaki, a male, a man. Owoh lalakian di imah, is there no man in the house. When Lalaki is used alone, it means a man; but it is also often applied to distinguish the male from the female of animals. Kuda na dua, lalaki na siji, awewe na siji. There were two horses, one male, and one female.

Lalakon, as the thing turns out, in this posture of affairs, under these circumstances, seeing that. (See laku)

Lalamakan, the paunch of a ruminant animal , the tripe.

Lalang'itan, the palate of the mouth; an awning, a canopy. From Lang'it, the sky.

Lalangsé, Bed- curtains. (Jav. Balin. langsé, lalangsé idem.)

Lalar, a fly, the common house fly. Musca. (Jav. lalér. Mal. lâlat).

Lalaunan, slowly, gently, carefully. (See laun).

Lalawak, a variety of fresh water river fish, so called at Buitenzorg. It is also called Raranchak at Jasinga and in other places.

Lalawora, talk in fun, not in earnest; a joke; carelessly, without attention, with indifference. Ulah sok lalawora di gawé, don't be working so carelessly. Omong téa sok lalawora bai, his talk is often in a joke (not really meant).

Lalayatan, the rail of a bridge; any object fixed so as to be used, or to hold on by, in crossing a difficult pass, as over a river, ditches or the like.

Laléan, also called Maisa or Kuda Laléan, a grandson of the celebrated Panji. One of the early princes of Pajajaran, and a great promoter of agriculture in the Sunda districts, having tamed the buffaloe to the joke. Raffles Vol. 2 Page 94/96.

Lalěmahan, in spots, only in places; only to be found in certain spots. (Lĕmah Jav. Balin. ground, spot, earth.)

Lalĕmpĕr, boiled ketan rice put up in leaves, as retailed in small quantities.

Laléngkahan, a stick or bit of wood laid over a ditch by which to pass.

Lalĕr, to pass along, to be in the neighbourhood of. Lalĕr liwat, to frequently pass by; to be in the neighbourhood but to pass by without stopping. Hanto ngalalĕr kadinyo, I did not go into that neighbourhood.

Lalĕumpangan, to go away together. Gĕus lalĕumpangan, they have all gone away together.

Laléwa, playing, trifling, making fun, nonsense, monkey tricks.