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Molosod, slipping out of place; displaced in mass by a slip. Sabĕulah gunung molosod, one side of the moutain has shot down.

Molotok, peeling off; when the skin or bark comes easily away.

Momok, the pudendum of a female child.

Momonggor, a height, a rising of the ground, an elevation.

Monchor, to go through, to pass through. To be able to get into. Lauk lĕutik monchor di na ayakan, small fish will pass through the sieve. Bĕdul monchor di na pagĕr, pigs slip through the fence. Batu gĕdé mohal monchor ka na liang, large stones can never get into the hole. To monchor, it cannot pass through.

Mondok, to take up one's quaters for the night. To put up with, to abide. Moro mondok ka lumbur, to go to the village for night quarters. Eŭkĕur di Batawi mondok di imah panghulu, when I was in Batavia, I put up with the priest. See Pondok.

Monggor, eminence, height, a rise in the land.

Mongklah, blood.

Monténg, inclined, sloping; being at an angle.

Montok, fat, in good condition; in good flesh. (Used at Batavia).

Montong, do not, d'ont, it is not required; it is not necessary. Montong datang dĕui ka diyo, you are not required to come again here. Montong di béré, d'ont give any. Montong mĕuli, d'ont buy.

Monyét, a monkey. The common brown long tailed monkey. Simia fascicularis.

Monyong, protruding the lips, pouting.

Mopo, knocked up, unable to continue at work from exhaustion. Kuda na mopo his horse is knocked up. Jélĕma gĕus mopo, the people are unable to continue at work (from exhaustion).

Mori, Portuguese Mouri, moorish, belonging to Mohammedans, and generally understood of Hindustan. Crawfurd. It applies only to cotton in Sunda. Kapas mori, moorish cotton, the best sort of cotton for weaving.

Moro, to go towards, to proceed to, to run at; Anjing na édan, moroan, the dog was mad and run at people. Moro mĕuting ka lumbur, to proceed to the village to pass the night.

Morod, to steal—a vulgar expression.

Morongkol, sitting or standing with the heel or sole of one foot against the thigh of the other leg, and the knee thus bent- a frequent native position of relaxation.

Morosod, to slip down as a heavy body; to glide down in bulk. Given way, disrupted.

Mosa, a female slave — known from other women of the country by wearing a short white jacket instead of a long baju. (From وَصَي Waça, second and fourth form : to delegate by testament, testamento mandare, tradere; it means also a male slave. Fr).

Mota, stout white cloth; canvas, or sack-cloth. Bagging for bales.

Motah, many, numerous, in abundance.

Motong, to cut; to deduct, to substract; to go across, to cross over. (Mal. Potong).