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Sampé, is properly Malay, but still frequently heard. Sufficient, enough. Arrived. Come to.

Sampéan or Sampéyan, used as a pronoun of the second person towards a person of high rank. Your highness, your lordship. Sampéan dalěm, his highness the regent. Probably derived from Sam, C. 713, an auspicious particle—the same as used in the word Sambhu, from Sam, auspicious particle, and Bhu, to be, a name of Siwa or of Brahma, Clough 713. Piya C. 397, a father, a husband, a lord, a woman; a foot; pleasing, agreeable, beloved, with the Polynesian An suffixed. Thus it will imply: the object or person who is our auspicious father or lord. Crawfurd gives Sampeyan, a pronoun of the second person in addressing a person of high rank; literally: the feet. Sampéyan, as shown above, will also admit of the interpretation of: Your auspicious feet,—out of reverence, as it were, addressing yourself to no higher a part of a great man, than his feet.

Sampéong, a contrivance of straight sticks tied together with numerous strings, for the purpose of carrying earth or other rude matter; such a sampeong is carried on a pole between two men, and is quickly made for temporary purposes. It is also sometimes called Laha. It looks like a piece of wooden grating.

Sampěr, to call and take; to call and see. To call and put oneself in communication with. To avail of some facility already existing. Ari daik ngěgrit kudu kula di sampěr, when you go out hunting in a cart, call and take me with you. Ngadangdanan kandang nyampěr kayu hirup, in making a buffaloe shed, availed of a living tree (which stood where it could become useful as a pillar).

Samping, a body-cloth,—the Malay Sarung. The etymon of this word is probably Ping, which when duplicated to Pingping means the thigh. Sa for Saha, with, and M interposed for euphony, and will thus mean: something to put round the thighs. The Malay word Sarung admits of a Sunda solution. Sa as above, and Rung, to surround, heard in Rungkup, to surround, to encompass. The Samping or Sarung is like a wide bag with the top and bottom open.

Sampiran, a clothes-horse. A frame to hang clothes on.

Sampogkěn, to add up. To cast up an account.

Sampurna, perfect, consummate, faultless. Sampurna, C. 712, Sam, intensitive, Purnna, full, finished, whole; entire, complete, finished.

Samsam, the holy well in the Kabah at Mecca called Zamzam.

Samsir, Arabic, a sword, a scimitar. A priest's knife with which he slaughters animals after saying the Mahomedan form of prayer.

Samsu, Arabic, the sun. Occurs in this shape in the Pancha limas.

Samsudin, a man's name often occurring. The sun of the faith. Shems, Arabic, the sun, Udin, of the faith (of Mahomet).

Samudra, the sea, the ocean. Not in ordinary use, but occurs in the formation of proper names, or in reference to the sea in Pantuns. Samudra, C. 711, the sea, the ocean. This word is often converted into Gamudra, which see.