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Bongkék, small and dwarf, said of a man.

Bongkok, crooked, mostly with old age; hump-backed.

Bongkokan, the curved beam of a Chinese plough to which the buffaloe is yoked.

Bongkonol, a variety of bambu, thin and slight in stem.

Bongkonol, a variety of Pandan growing wild among the mountains, the leaves of which are used for tying up Java Sugar.

Bongkor, a man not able to pay rent; land, as asawah, usually planted left uncultivated. Bongkor Pajeg, unable to pay Pajĕg or the fixed rent.

Bongkot, the thick end of any thing, as of a stick or piece of wood. The lower and almost solid end of a stick of bambu. The piece of wood fixed in the handle of any implement, to hold it by.

Bongsor, young but grown large. Said of either man, animals or plants, which though still young have grown up to a large size. Budak bongsor, a lad who is big for his age. Penyakit Bongsor. The small pox.

Bonteng, Cucumbers. Cucumis melo- much planted in the upland Paddy lands called humah, and in the Sawahs, as a second crop, when the paddy has been cut.

Bonténg Suri, a variety of the Cucumber. The Queen's cucumber?

Bontot, a tree or stick which has been burnt, and one end remains unscathed- that unscathed end is the Bontot. The fag end of a Sigar that has been smoked and thrown away. Any thing which has been burnt and a stump left, as in a wood fire, the fag ends.

Bo-ol, the anus.

Bopati, see Bupati.

Bopong, name of the colour of a horse, being a fawn colour, or intermediate between white and brown.

Bor, a gimlet, a borer, an auger, a centre piece. It is the Dutch word Boor which has the same meaning.

Borak, or Al-borak, the Lightning in Arabic. The supernatural steed on which Mohammed pretended to make night- journeys to Jerusalem and heaven.

Borangan, afraid, timid, fearful.

Borélang, variegated in color, having several colors on the same ground. The word is also applied to the tiger royal, as having a striped hide brown and black.

Boro, to run after, to pursue, to go to any one or to any place, to approach.

Boro ampar, quite impossible, ridiculous to think of it.

Boro tĕuyn, foorsooth, quite impossible. It is quite out of the question.

Boro Budur, the name of the remains of a magnificent Hindu tempel in the Residency of Kadu, where Buddha is frequently represented. Bara becomes in Javanese Boro Bara, C. 461, surrounding, encompassing, heavy, weighty, important, of consequence. Bhudr in Hindi, happy, prosperous, propitions. Calcutta Review No. 18 Page 384. „The Great Propitious". Or Budur may be an abbreviation of Budu-raja. Budu, C.