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the publication of a volume of about four hundred pages, containing the result of their united efforts. As we shall again recur to this, in connexion with his other performances, it will not be necessary here to interrupt our remarks to present its peculiar merits as a scientific production.

Near the close of his residence at Niesky he began to exercise the functions of a preacher, and was, in 1807, called to the Moravian settlement at Gnadenburg, in Silesia, where his acquisitions were soon turned to good account in various ways connected with his profession. Besides parochial duties, he again discharged the office of a teacher, in bringing forward many of the young men of his community, who were preparing for the duties of his own calling. Upon his character as a preacher, there is the less necessity that we should comment, even were this the place, and were we competent to such an undertaking, because, in that capacity, his brethren have already exhibited to the public a view of his meritorious labours.[1] We would merely state, that, considered as literary performances, his sermons were characterized by the utmost simplicity, both in style and delivery, and were addressed more to the heart than to the head. His discouhses were invariably practical, not argumentative;—experimental, not speculative.

The period of which we are speaking, it will be recollected, was that of Buonaparte's continental wars, and Germany, the scene of his operations. Mr. Schweinitz

  1. See the United Brethren's Missionary Intelligencer, vol v. p. 97.