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was, therefore, with his peaceful flock, brought into immediate proximity to the actors in those tremendous conflicts. But, though troops were quartered in Gnadenburg, his happy disposition and winning deportment gave him such ascendency over all ranks as to avoid causes of collision, and to render him a general favourite with strangers.

In 1808 Mr. Schweinitz was invited to Gnadau, in Saxony, where, in the discharge of duties similar to those at Gnadenburg, and with equally distinguished success, he continued to be engaged until 1812, when he was appointed by his brethren, general agent of their church in the southern states of this Union. Previously to repairing to the scene of his duties, he formed a matrimonial alliance at Niesky; with Louiza Amelia Le Doux, whose parents, descendants from highly respectable French ancestors, resided at Stettin in Prussian Pomerania. The continental system of Napoleon at that time rendering direct communications with this country extremely hazardous, they were compelled, in order to embark for the United States, to take the route through Denmark and Sweden. This circumstance was not wholly without its advantage; for, on arriving at Kiel in Holstein, an occasion presented itself for a protracted stay, during which Mr. Schweinitz became acquainted with several learned men connected with the University in that place, and the mutual satisfaction was such as to induce the institution during the same year to confer on him the honorary degree of Doctor in Philosophy.