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danish grammar.

Some verbs must always be used in a reflective sense; as,

at betakke sig, 'to beg to be excused.'
at beflitte sig, 'to apply oneself.'

Some verbs admit of being used either reflectively, or transitively; as, jeg bader mig, 'I bathe myself;' jeg bader Barnet, 'I bathe the child.'

Some verbs compounded of words of different parts of speech admit of the separation of these components, as, at ihjelslå, or at slå ihjel; as, soldaten ihjelslå sin Ven, or soldaten slå sin Ven ihjel, 'the soldier killed (struck dead) his friend.'

Some verbs acquire a different meaning when the component parts are separated; as, at overdrive, 'to exaggerate;' at drive over, 'to drive over (across).'

PREPOSITIONS. (Forholdsord.)

The principal prepositions are:—

ad, to, at. med, with.
af, of, from. mod, against.
bag, behind. næst, next to.
efter, after. om, about, of.
for, for, before. , on.
fra, from. samt, together with.
för, before. siden, once.
hos, at, with, at the house of. til, to, of.
iblandt, blandt, among. trods, in spite of.
igennem, gennem, through. uden, without.
imellem, mellem, between. under, under.
imod, mod, against. ved, with.