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surpassed him in prudence and discretion, in well knowing how to follow up any advantages which he had gained over his enemy; an important species of military knowledge, which the impetuous spirit of Rupert prevented him from ever acquiring.

Lady Paget, by C. Janssen.

Lady Crompton, wife of Sir Thomas Crompton, daughter to Lady Paget, and mother of Catherine lady of Sir Thomas Lyttelton; by C. Janssen.

The Queen of Bohemia, by C. Janssen.

Christ with his Disciples at Emmaus, supposed by Le Brun.

In the library, over the chimney we find Pope, with his dog Bounce; by Richardson. If the painter has failed in his likeness of the faithful companion of our celebrated poet, we have a full description of the favourite by his master, in one of his epistles to Mr. Cromwell, where he reports him "little, lean, and none of the finest shaped. He is not much a spaniel in his fawning, but has a dumb surly sort of kindness that rather shews itself when he thinks me ill-used by others, than when we walk peaceably and quietly by ourselves."

Gilbert West, the intimate friend and companion of George Lord Lyttelton, and the great Earl of Chatham. By the patronage of the latter noble-