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Ferdinand Lyttelton, brother of Sir Charles, by Zoust.

Muriel, by C. Janssen, daughter of Sir Thomas Bromley, lord chancellor. On the accession of James I. she received, as an act of mercy, the forfeited estates of her husband Mr. John Lyttleton, who had been condemned to death, and had his estates confiscated, for the part he bore in Essex's plot. Her rational piety was evinced in carefully educating her children in the Protestant faith, the Lyttelton family, previously to that time, having been bigotted Papists; and her humility was displayed in her choice of a place of sepulture in the centre of the church-yard, amongst the croud of "unhonoured dead." There her remains repose under a plain tomb, bearing the following inscription:

" 16 (Christ is my life) 30
" and
" Death my advantage.
" I trust to see the Lord
" In the land of the living."

Prince Maurice, when young, by Dobson. He was third son of the King of Bohemia, and brother to Prince Rupert; and signalized himself by his military exploits during the civil wars of Charles Ist's reign. If he wanted his brother's fire, he greatly