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bind the English Monarch to the French interest; and events fully justified the selection, for at no period was the business of the British Court carried on with a greater subserviency to that of France. She died at Paris 1734, ætat 89.

George Lord Lyttelton, by Sir J. Reynolds.

The Woman taken in Adultery, by Varotari, the best scholar of Paul Veronese.

Spanish Soldiers playing at Dice, by Mr. Patour, an imitation of Giorgeani's manner; a fine picture, the figures prodigiously animated.

In the scarlet dressing-room

The hero William of Nassau, founder of the Dutch Republic, by Miravelt; a heavy squat figure, thoughtful, dark, and melancholy, but with a sagacious, expressive countenance, and eyes of fire.—Sir Alexander Temple, by C. Janssen.

Sir John Lyttelton, by Zucchero, 1557.

Sir Thomas Lyttelton, knight and baronet, father to Sir Charles, by Van Somer.

Catherine his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Crompton, by C. Janssen.

Sir Edward Carew, by Old Stone.

Sir Francis Vere, a gallant knight of the 16th century; who, as a recompence for repeated marks of valour, was appointed governor of Flushing 1596, by Queen Elizabeth. Obiit 1608.