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Mr. Edw. Lyttelton, by Greenhill, sixth son of Sir Thomas, who was killed in a duel at Worcester.

George, youngest son of Sir Thomas Lyttelton, a major in the army. He married the daughter of the famous Sir Thomas Brown of Norwich.

Ferdinando, eleventh son of Sir Thomas Lyttelton; groom of the bedchamber to James Duke of York. He was killed, whilst leading on a regiment of horse in the French King's service.

In the Green Bedchamber

Two Misers, a grand picture by Quintin Matzis. The same subject, and equally fine, with the painting at Windsor.

Venus and dead Adonis; the latter figure superlatively fine, the relaxation of the muscles quite natural.

Lot and his Daughters, by Luca Giordano. The figure of Lot better than that of the females. The coming out of his legs is particularly striking.

Holy Family in Egypt', by Le Serve.

View on the river Cherwell, by Greenhill.

In the Scarlet Bed-chamber

Sir Charles Lyttelton, and a black boy, by Le Fevre.

Louise de Querouaille Duchess of Portsmouth, a luxuriant portrait, by Le Fevre. This female was a favourite mistress of Charles II. artfully introduced to him by Louis XIV. when he wanted to