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In the Dressing-Room next the Saloon—

Charles II. and his queen Catherine of Braganza.

Sir Henry Littelton, by Greenhill. He represented Lichfield in Parliament A. D. 1660, and was one of the jury for the trial of the regicides. The ever wakeful suspicion of Cromwell fixed upon this gentleman; and for seventeen months he was confined in the Tower. Obiit 1693. Aged 69.

Arcadian scene, sun-set, by Nicholas Poussin; the light let in grandly through a ruined arch.

A beautiful Dead Christ; affecting and sublime, by Vandyck.

In the India Paper Dressing-Room.

Sir Thomas Lyttelton, by Van Somer; of whom I have spoken under Worcester cathedral. Obiit 1650, having married

Catherine, daughter of Sir Thomas Crompton, by whom he had twelve sons and four daughters. Obiit 1666. Æt. 67.

Mr. John Lyttelton, one of the council who met at Drury-House in London, to further Essex's treasons, which cost the leader his head, and Lyttelton his estate. Having been convicted of the conspiracy, he would probably have been executed, had he not died in the King's-Bench prison in 1601, aged 39, having left three sons and five daughters.