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Philip first Earl of Hardwicke, by Ramsay; raised by splendid talents and great legal knowledge, to the dignified situation of Lord Chancellor, in which his integrity and impartiality were exemplary and imimpeached. Ob. 1764. Æt. 73.

In the Saloon are,

Charles I. by Old Stone; and his

Queen Henrietta Maria; whose counsels are said to have had too much sway with her unfortunate consort. It is a curious fact, that her bigotry would not allow her to assist at the ceremony of her husband's consecration in a protestant church; and in consequence she appeared there only as a spectator.

Family of Charles I. five children by Vandyck.

The Marriage of Neptune with Cybele; or Earth and Water producing Plenty. The joint work of Rubens and Teniers; in which the grand style of the former easily marks his share of the labour. The laughing countenances of two children contrast finely with the severity of Cybele.

Jacob and his Family journeying; by Jacomo Basano.

James Hay second Earl of Carlisle, by Vandyck.

Frances Stuart Countess of Portland, wife to Jerome Weston, and daughter to Esme Duke of Richmond.

Venus reconciled to Psyche; a fine picture by Titian.