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own children, and then recommended the practice of it to her fellow-citizens. Thus by her example and advice we have softened the virulence, and escaped the danger, of this malignant disease. To perpetuate the memory of such benevolence, and to express her gratitude for the benefit she herself has received from this alleviating art, this monument is erected by Henrietta Inge, relift of Theodore William Inge, esq; and daughter of Sir John Wrottesley, bart. A. D. 1789."

Near this tribute to the public spirit of the witty and elegant Lady Mary Wortley Montague, is a testimony of friendship to the memory of Johnson, with these lines:

"The friends of SAMUEL JOHNSON, L.L. D. a native of Lichfield, erected this monument as a tribute of respect to the memory of a man of extensive learning} a distinguished moral writer, and a sincere christian. He died 13th Dec. 1784} aged 75 years."

Adjoining this monument is another, of equally elegant and simple pattern, the design of Wyatt, and execution of Westmacott, commemorating the friend of Johnson, Garrick; the witty, the pleasant, and the vain. It is inscribed:

"Eva Maria, relia of DAVID GARRICK, esq; caused this monument to be erected to the memory of her beloved husband, who died the 20th of January 1779,aged 63 years. He had not only the amiable qualities of private life, but such astonishing dramatic talents, as too well verified the observation of his