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Here are—A fine Landscape, by Cuyp.

Orlando and Olympia, a noble picture, by Hannibal Carracci.

Naaman's Story; the joint composition of Mompert, Teniers, Old Banks, and Brueghel. The composition of this picture is good, and the distant mountains fine; but altogether it is harsh, and the colours are too vivid.

A small beautiful landscape, by C. Lorraine.

An Holy Family, Raphael; probably a copy.

The Woman anointing our Saviour's Feet, by Benedetto Luti; a painting of which it is not possible to speak in terms of praise too high. Opposite to this is an equally successful effort by the same artist, the subject, Cain and Abel; in which the chain of light is powerfully fine, and the terror and remorse of Cain after the murder, horribly natural.

Virgin and Child, by Parmigiano.

Sleeping Cupid, by Guido.

In the Library, over the chimney, is one of the finest productions of the pencil of Rembrandt; the subject Daniel interpreting Belshazzar's Dream. The solemnity of Daniel's figure; the attention and alarm in the different faces; the grandeur of the king; and the splendid light emanating from the mithra, or emblem of the sun, behind the king's