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throne, are all indications of transcendent genius and skill.

Diogenes, a powerful figure, by Luca Giordano.

Shakespeare, a copy by Vandyck. It would have been desirable to ascertain from what picture this copy was made, since commentators have not differed more on the abstruse passages of our immortal bard, than collectors have done as to the originality of heads called Shakespeare. It was for some time determined that there was no original portrait of him, but that Sir Thomas Clarges, soon after his decease, caused a painting to be made from a person nearly resembling him; then came Mr. Walpole, (whose deep researches in all questions connected with the arts justly entitle him to the character of an arbiter) with an opinion that Mr. Keek's picture, engraved by Vertue, was original; since that time a variety of heads have been discovered, and the names affixed without hesitation. Obiit 1 6 17, Æt. 53.

Nathaniel Lord Scarsdale, and Catherine his wife, by Stone.

Old Man, half-length, by Salvator Rosa; very fine and spirited.

Andromeda, by Guido; grave in the figure, but a want of expression in the countenance.

Holy Family, by Nicolo del Abbatte.