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Here we took a view of the southern division of the park, which is seven miles round, and stocked with oaks of enormous magnitude, some measuring twenty-four feet in girth and one hundred and eighteen feet in height. Returning into the ante-chamber, we found a fine St. John, by Carlo Maratti; and a Landscape, by Heusch.

In the dressing-room, wardrobe, and principal bed-chamber, are—

Lord and Lady Scarsdale, by Stone.

Ruperta, natural daughter of Prince Rupert, by Madame Hughes, an actress; by Kneller.

James Duke of Ormond, by Lely; an active character in the reign of Charles I. by whom he was nominated lord-lieutenant of Ireland; and faithfully attached to his son, whom he followed into exile; for which he was, on the Restoration, again appointed to the government of Ireland, and enjoyed other places and honours. He was created a duke 1682, and died 1688.

Henry Jermyn Earl of St. Alban's, by Lely, was second son of Sir Thomas Jermyn, of Suffolk. Of the many who evinced their attachment to the unfortunate Charles, no one appears to have more readily risqued life and fortune than this personage; whose zeal has indeed been construed into something more than mere loyalty, as he is re-