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Queen Henrietta Maria, and Jeffrey Hudson, by Vandyck. There is a duplicate of this picture at Petworth. This diminutive attendant was served up in a pie at an entertainment given by the Duke of Buckingham, and is said not to have exceeded eighteen inches in height, until he had attained thirty years of age, when he shot up to three feet nine inches. During the civil wars, he filled the rank of captain in the royal army; his appearance rendered him liable to insult, and engaged him in a duel with Mr. Croft, who would have met him with a squirt, but the dwarf proposed pistols on horseback, and shot his antagonist dead with the first fire. He was confined on suspicion of being concerned in a Popish plot after the Restoration, and died in the Gatehouse, aged 63.

Thomas Butler Earl of Ossory, (by Mytens) son of the first, and father of the second Duke of Ormond; a man of courage and intrepidity seldom equalled, perhaps never exceeded, yet so perfectly gentle and amiable as to have endeared himself to all ranks. He commanded the English troops in the service of the Prince of Orange, at the battle of Mons, and served under Prince Rupert in the memorable sea-fight of 1666. Obiit 1680. Æt. 46. The Karl is in armour, and the fore part of a white horse appears extremely grand.