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half-length) grandfather to William III. Obiit 1647.—A drinking party of Peasants, by Ostade.

James Stanley seventh Earl of Derby; half-length, by Cornelius Janssen. The annals of Charles I. furnish innumerable instances of courage, intrepidity, loyalty, and attachment; but no one appears to have served his cause more faithfully than this nobleman, who displayed many proofs of valour during the civil wars, particularly at Wigan, where, with six hundred horse, he withstood a corps of three thousand, commanded by Colonel Lilburne; and after receiving seven shots on his breast-plate, thirteen cuts on his beaver, five wounds on his arms and shoulders, and having two horses killed under him, he effected his escape to Worcester, in which battle he was made prisoner, and executed, in violation of a promise of quarter. This may, perhaps, be attributed to his spirited and irritating answer returned to Ireton, who offered him his own terms to surrender the isle of Man; and which is preserved in detail by Lord Orford in his ' Memoirs of Noble Authors.'

An Earl of Derby, fifty-eight years of age.—A Female Spinner; very fine, by Teniers.—Small head of Christ, and another of Mary, both exquisite specimens of Carlo Dolci's characteristic softness.—A Dutch Fisherman, by Mieris.