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proud boast to have been the last person in the British dominions who submitted to the Republic.
Her Sister; Ætat. 10, A.D. 1634.

Christ taken from the Cross;, a fine piece, in which the three women are introduced, and a light diffused over the figures from the lamp. Carracci.

Claude de la Tremouille Duc de Thouars, a peer of France, but more truly honoured as the father of the above-mentioned Countess of Derby.

Sigismunda; a fine head.

Thomas Wriothesley fourth Earl of Southampton. He was second son of Shakespeare's celebrated patron, and succeeded to the title on the death of his father, who survived the eldest son. Although steadily attached to Charles I. he never suffered his personal regard for the sovereign to overcome the duty which he owed his country., On the Restoration he was appointed lord-treasurer, which office he retained till his death in 1667, and frequently, though unsuccessfully, endeavoured to reduce the expences of Charles's licentious court; but he was doomed to feel that the giddy monarch, who could value his counsel on other occasions, would not sacrifice his own course of riotous pleasures and extravagance. Half-length, by Lely.

James II. when young. Small whole length.—Henry Frederic de Nassau Prince of Orange, (1629,