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held up as an object of wonder than imitation. He was killed by a random shot, at the siege of Fredericshall, 1718. Æt. 37.

Lady Margaret Lovelace, and Richard Lord Lovelace; ob. 1634. So says the catalogue; but I imagine them to be the portraits of John Lord Lovelace of Hurley, so created by Charles I. in 1627, and his wife Anne Baroness Wentworth of Nettlested. Independent of this family connection with John, I am encouraged to favour this opinion, because the title never was enjoyed by a Richard Lovelace. —Thomas Lord Wentworth of Nettlested, chamberlain of the houshold to Edward VI. Ob. 1557. —Miss Wentworth, one of the seventeen children of Thomas Lord Wentworth. —Edward VI. a coarse original.

In Lady Strafford's dressing-room:

John Campbell Duke of Argyle; father of Anne Countess of Strafford. Obiit 1743.

In Lord Strafford's dressing-room:

First Earl of Strafford — Piercy Earl of Thomond, brother to Charles first Earl of Egremont; he succeeded to the estate of Henry O'Brien Earl of Thomond, who had married his mother's eldest sister; created Earl of Thomond 1754, ob. 1774. —Lady Betty Mackenzie, sister to Anne Countess of Strafford; married James Stewart Mackenzie,