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Earl of Strafford; married Henrietta, 2d daughter of James Earl of Derby. —Sir George Wentworth, brother of Thomas first Earl of Strafford.

In the little library:

The third Countess of Strafford,

In the supper-room:

Sir Thomas Wentworth. —Thomas Earl of Strafford; ob. 1739; married Anne, sole heiress of Sir Henry Johnson, of Bradenham, Bucks.

The quadrangular building called the Castle, built by Thomas Earl of Strafford in 1730, placed upon the scite of an ancient fortress, is heavy and tasteless. A good marble statue of this nobleman, by Ruysbrack, stands in the centre of its area, but is much injured by time and neglect. The obelisk erected to the memory of Lady Mary Wortley Montague has also to complain of the same enemies; and were her ladyship's memory to rest only upon the inscription in Wentworth park, she would add one to the many examples of the evanescence of human fame, by speedily sinking into oblivion. We were soon relieved, however, from the melancholy contemplation of the temporary duration and instability of that which mortals take such unceasing pains to procure, "the vain breath of a misjudging world," by the bustle of trade, and the noise of manufactories, as we approached and entered