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eighty feet long, thirty-six feet high, and fifty feet wide, formerly appropriated to the princely feasts which the bishops were accustomed to afford to the neighbourhood on certain days of the week ; but now only echoing to the clatter of dishes and the ringing of knives and forks in assize time, when the judges and their suite are entertained here during their stay at Durham. It contains a few busts, casts from the antique, two of which (Cæasar and Antinöus) were confidently pronounced by our ancient matronly ciceroni to be Adam and Eve, and the following full length portraits:

John Overall Bishop of Norwich; by Camden reported "a prodigious learned man." He was educated in Trinity-College, Cambridge; thence elected to the mastership of Catherine-Hall; and, from his learning and piety, selected by Queen Elizabeth as a proper successor to Dr. Nowell in the deanery of St. Paul's. In the following reign he was promoted to the bishopric of Lichfield, and in 1618 translated to the diocese of Norwich, where he died the following year.

John Cosin Bishop of Durham; who was (whilst prebendary of this diocese, and dean of Peterborough) accused of favouring superstitious innovations in the church, and amongst the first whose benefices were sequestered by the parliament; upon