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which he retired to Paris, and officiated as chaplain to the protestant part of Henrietta Maria's family, and was afterwards appointed to the see of Durham. Obiit. 1671. Æt. 72.

Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury. His rise and fall may be ascribed to the same cause—his zeal in furthering the divorce of Henry VIII. from Catherine of Arragon; whilst it gained him the favour of the sated husband, it entailed on him the resentment of his daughter Mary, who could not forget the injury sustained by her queen-mother. The conduct of this learned prelate has been equally the subject of exaggerated praise and undeserved censure; but truly heroic was the fortitude with which he closed a well-spent life of sixty-seven years. Thirlesby Bonnor, with two of the Queen's proctors, went to Oxford to degrade him; and having dressed him in all the ornaments of an archbishop made of canvas, he was stripped of them piece by piece, but refused to surrender his crosier; they then put him on a yeoman-beadle's gown, and a townsman's cap, and remanded him to prison. He was persuaded to sign a recantation; and was afterwards burnt before Baliol-College in 1556, when he thrust his hand into the fire, for being the instrument which produced his recantation.