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executed above the gate in very good masonry. This front of the building is untouched, and affords us a good example of the stile of castellated architecture in the reign of Richard II. when it was erected by Sir Ralph Lumley. It almost approaches the brink of the steep descent which hurries down to the foaming Wear, admitting only a path or terrace between its walls and the brink.

The hall is a striking apartment, and instantly brings back the times of old to the mind, the feudal practices, and ancient English manners. It measures ninety feet in length, has its gallery for minstrelsy ; exhibits a figure on horseback, clad in armour; and has its walls cloathed with imaginary portraits of the Lumley family . They are as follow:

1. Leulphus. 2. Uchtred. 3. Gulielmus, who married Hesleden. 4. Sir William Lumley. 5. William de Lumley, who married Dandre. 6. Sir Robert de Lumley, who married Lucy Thevenge. 7. Sir Marmaduke Lumley, who married Margaret Holland. 8. Sir Ralph de Lumley, the first baron, in his parliament robes, who built the mansion. 9. Sir John de Lumley, who married Felicia Redman. 10. Richard II. in his royal chair, Lord Lumley in his robes kneeling; above the figure, " R. R. II. A.D. 1385, A. Reg. 8." 11. Sir Thomas Lumley, who married Margaret daughter of Sir James Har-