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rington. 12. George Lord Lumley, who married Elizabeth Thornton. 13. Sir Thomas Lumley, who married Elizabeth natural daughter to Edward IV. 14. John de Lumley, who married Joan daughter of Henry Lord Scrope. 15. Richard de Lumley, who married Ann daughter of Sir John Conyers. 16. George Lumley, who married Jane daughter of Sir Richard Knightly. 17. Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Dareye, of Chiche, and second wife of Sir John Lumley, who was restored in blood the first year of Edward VI. There are also several marble busts in niches.

The dining-room is a magnificent room, coved ceiling, and stuccoed; but unfinished. Its views, both home and distant, are beautiful; we there find Ralph Lumley, a small whole length. Marked 1567. Ætat. 78.

John Lord Lumley was son of George Lumley, who was executed for high-treason temp. Henry VIII. but this peer, on the death of his grandfather, petitioned against the attainder of his father, and was relieved from its penalties, by receiving from Edward VI. the title and estate of Baron Lumley. Previous to the coronation, he was made knight of the Bath by Queen Mary, and held considerable employments under Elizabeth; but was imprisoned on suspicion of encouraging the designed marriage