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and beheaded, after the formality of a trial, 1546. Pope, in his ' Windsor-Forest,' has paid this tribute to one of the first refiners of English poetry:

" Here noble Surrey felt the sacred rage,
" Surrey the Granville of a former age;
" Matchless his pen, victorious was his lance;
" Bold in the lists, and graceful in the dance."

Henry Earl of Arundel, (half-length) the last of the name of Fitzallan. He was greatly instrumental in fixing Mary on the throne, by whom he was appointed steward of the houshold, and retained his employment under Elizabeth; during whose reign he first introduced the use of coaches into England, having imported one of these vehicles from France, where he had retired, on finding that Leicester had supplanted him in the queen's favour. But, on his return home, he joined his rival and others in a plot against Cecil. Ob. 1579.

Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester; half-length; in a very fashionable dress of Elizabeth's time, crouded with point. He is reported to have introduced into England a fashion which has fortunately not continued in such high estimation or constant use as the invention of his rival, namely, "the Art of Poisoning;" having, according to ' Howel's Letters,' vol. iv. p. 451, endeavoured to